Tax Form W-4

Form W-4 Federal and State

General Form W-4 Information

In 2020 the federal government and IRS updated the federal tax rules and regulations. Due to these changes, the W-4 was also updated, mainly removing the personal allowances. Below are helpful links and guides on how to update the new W-4 including updating the form in Ignite. The Payroll Office no longer accepts paper W-4 forms, as it is now completed at your convenience in Ignite. 

In order to make sure your changes are entered into Ignite for the pay period you intend, please check the Monthly or Bi-weekly payroll schedules dates under the Date to Submit Final Change Request column.  Any Form W-4 that is entered by the date listed for that pay period will ensure your tax withholdings are withheld according to your new W-4. Changes made after those listed dates will take effect on the next pay date.

*You will need your most recent payslip to help use these tools. 

If you have additional questions on what to enter on your Form W-4, please contact your tax advisor. The Payroll Office can answer general questions, but we cannot advise you on how to complete the information. You can email your general form questions to