Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Account

Direct deposit is now conveniently located within Ignite so you can enter or update at any time. In order to make sure your changes are entered into Ignite for the pay period you intend, please check the Monthly or Bi-weekly payroll schedules dates under the Date to Submit Final Change Request column. 

Any direct deposit that is entered by the date listed for that pay period will ensure your pay will go into your new account. Changes made after the listed dates will take effect on the next pay date.

Wisely Pay by ADP

Through the new card payment process, called Wisely Pay by ADP, you will receive a reloadable prepaid pay card that is yours to keep. Each payday, Payroll Services will fund the amount of your net pay on your pay card, which you can then use like a debit card. No bank account is necessary if you choose this option.

For more information on the Wisely Pay card, you may refer to the brochure, or email the Payroll Office.
  • If you select the Wisely Pay option, a card will be mailed to you in an unmarked white envelope, which you must activate upon receipt. Once activated, your net pay will be loaded to the card each pay day.

To request a Wisely Payment Card, complete the online form

Please email the Payroll Office if you have any additional questions at