Paying Students

Subject: Rules and Procedures for Paying Students

Students who are hired to work under a Work-Study program or as a Graduate Teacher, Researcher, or Assistant must be paid on a timely basis to comply with the State of Texas Payday Law. Baylor is required by law to publish the schedule of Paydays, the links to which may be found at All employees, including students, must be compensated for any work they perform, and paid according to the published schedule of paydays in order to be considered paid timely under the law.

Paid Monthly - Graduate TA1, RA1, RA3 only
Paid Biweekly - Graduate TA2, RA2, GA and all work-study

In order for Baylor University to comply with the Texas Payday Law by paying student employees on time, the following must be completed before a student reports for their first day of work:

Graduate Students:
  • Hiring Manager: Have your Graduate Programs Coordinator complete the
  • Stipend Authorization through the Graduate TSA system.
Work-Study Students:
  • Hiring Managers: Follow the instructions on the Supervisor tab of the Student Employment Website.

Returning students:
If your employment at Baylor University is being continued from the previous semester, your I-9 and W-4 forms will not have to be completed again.

If it has been more than a year since you have been employed at Baylor University, please go the Human Resources Office in the Clifton Robinson Tower, in Suite 200, to complete a new I-9 and W-4 form.

New Students:
  • Complete the I-9 form in the Human Resources Office (RT 200)
  • Complete the W-4 Form in the Payroll Office (RT 600)

New International Graduate and Work-Study Students:

Work-study students - Complete the On Campus Employment Eligibility Form and have it approved by the International Student and Scholar Services Office (2nd Floor, Poage Library)

Work-study and graduate students:
  • Must enter information into the Foreign National Information System.
  • Must have a Social Security card, or apply for one if they do not already
  • have one. When received, it must be turned in to the Payroll Office.
  • Complete the I-9 form in the Human Resources Office (RT 200)
  • Complete the W-4 Form in the Payroll Office (RT 600)

Hiring Managers have the responsibility to follow these rules and procedures to ensure that Baylor University complies with Texas Payday and other applicable laws and policies. It is also important to have job authorizations set up in case of any injuries or Worker Compensation claims. Please call the Baylor Payroll Office at 710-2217 if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for following these procedures and helping Baylor stay compliant.