How Pawprints Works | Quick Reference

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► Small Instructions

PawPrints Instructions
  1. Install Pawprints.
  2. Open and print your file.
  3. Walk to printer and release.

► Large Instructions

PawPrints Instructions
  1. Install Pawprints on your Mac or PC:
    • Add the four campus queues:
      • PawPrints_1sided
      • PawPrints_2sided
      • PawPrintsColor_1sided
      • PawPrintsColor_2sided
    • Install the Pawprints desktop application. (NOTE: must be running to print)
    • Find all you need at
  2. Open your file and print to campus queue: Choose 1-sided or 2-sided and B&W or Color (choose destination printer later).
  3. Walk to printer and release using mobile device.
    • Lock your computer screen.
    • Walk to the nearest Pawprints printer.
    • Open queues on your mobile device at
    • Select your printer and job will automatically be placed there.
    • Releasing from computer also works.
Other details:
  • Pawprints installation only required once.
  • Must be running PawPrints app.
  • Must be on Baylor network for every step.
  • You may bookmark the default mobile release page, or even a specific printer. It can remember your password.
  • Releasing jobs from your computer is also possible via mobile release page, PawPrints App, or PawPrints user account.
  • Log in to check your balance, history, request refunds, and other great features! Login here.

► Need More?

For Experts:
  1. Pawprints charging and free quota.
    • Base unit is Dollars.
    • Users receive $28.00 credit each semester (Fall/Spring).
    • Free quota reset each semester.
    • Pricing:
      • $.07 B&W 1-sided / $.07 B&W 2-sided
      • $.28 Color 1-sided / $.28 Color 2-sided
    • That's 400 single-sided pages and 800 double-sided pages, for free!
  2. Access features on your account using
    • mr = mobile release
    • user = user login. environmental impact, release, history, refunds, chat
    • admin = for administrators only
    • release = release for admins
  3. PawPrints App:
    • Installed on all public computers and part of the PawPrints installer.
    • Keep it running to get quick access to balance, history, refunds, and notifications.
    • Notifications will:
      • Alert you if and why your job didn't go through.
      • Remind you when your balance is low.
      • Tell you when refunds are approved.
  4. Zero-install Printing:
    • Email to Print - any device that can send Baylor email can print. Simply email your job to the queue you want, verify the job when PawPrints emails you back, and release as you do every other job. Email addresses are as follows:
    • Web Print - upload your document to a campus queue
      • Compatible with most Operating Systems (including Android).
      • Login and select "Web Print."
      • Choose queue, copies, and document (even drag and drop multiple).
      • Release at destination printer.

Neat Stuff:

  • Need to print in a hurry? Email your PDF, Office document, or picture to one of our four campus queues and release it wirelessly (email addresses are simply the four campus queue names).
  • Drag & drop multiple documents to "Web Print" without needing to install anything.
  • Mobile devices can bookmark the release page or even specific printers. It remembers your password and saves TONS of time.
  • We'll hold your jobs up to 24 hours. Print your term paper from the Moody Study Commons at 3AM and release it from the SUB on the way to class later that afternoon.
  • Track your "Environmental Impact" every time you login.
  • If your job fails to print, PawPrints will tell you why.