Install Pawprints

Instead of installing dozens of campus printers, PawPrints uses four virtual "campus queues" that are linked to all 120+ PawPrints printers. When you're ready to print, choose any of the four PawPrints queues and then use your mobile device (or computer browser) to choose the destination printer. Our Mobile Release will store your jobs for 24 hours, so you can submit your jobs now and pick them up on any printer at your convenience throughout the day.

Users must install Pawprints before first use. Installation includes:
  1. All 4 PawPrints queues:
    • PawPrints_1sided
    • PawPrints_2sided
    • PawPrintsColor_1sided
    • PawPrintsColor_2sided
  2. Pawprints App for account details, print job authentication for personal computers, and easy access to release page, print history, and refunds.

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