ADVISORY - Dec. 7, 2017

ERROR: undefinedresult

Users that receive this message are generally Mac users or are printing documents that source from a Mac. Others may only experience partial or missing print jobs. This is a known issue attributed to the fonts in some files (typically Office or PDF) and Postscript printer drivers. Until Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, or HP (whichever assumes responsibility) provides a patch, the issue will persist.

There are a number of good workarounds for PawPrints users in the meantime:
  • Change fonts away from Calibri (copy and paste the document elsewhere if necessary)
  • Print the document in Adobe Acrobat (or Reader)
  • Use PawPrints Web Print
  • Don’t print from a Mac using Postscript

The first three also apply if you experience issues with a PC (rare).

Because PawPrints Web Print only facilitates printing entire documents, and the 50 page limitation applies, users may “print” sections of a document to a new, shorter PDF and upload those.

Our hope is that the required patch will be available by class restart in Spring 2018.