ADVISORY - Updated April 12, 2018
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Known Issue: Users that receive this message are generally Mac users or are printing documents that source from a Mac. Others may only experience partial or missing print jobs. This is a known issue attributed to the fonts in some files (typically Office or PDF) and Postscript printer drivers. Apple's 10.13.4 High Sierra update introduces a new PostScript driver that fixes this issue. However, documents created before the update may still fail to print properly.

Quick Fix: Web Print will successfully print documents that display this error.

For more fixes and further explanation, see the press release page.

Welcome to PawPrints, Baylor University's crowd-sourced student printing solution.

Special thanks to the many departments that contribute their own printers, paper, toner, and time (from their OWN budgets) to make PawPrints possible.

Students, staff, and faculty may print from any computer on the Baylor network. Install only 4 campus queues or simply email or upload documents to print. Release your documents from any device to any of the 120+ campus printers on our map.

Each semester, users receive $28 of printing credit at no additional cost (good for 800 2-sided B&W prints). Additional pages are charged at a subsidized rate.

Browse this site and login to look over all the features of PawPrints.

PawPrints Environmental Impact (Spring 2018)

273,308 sheets of paper equals...
77,437 ...light bulb hours.
1,229,886 ...KG of CO2 released.
3.40 trees.
Your personal impact report here.

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