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Courses to be Offered

  • All students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours; please check with your advisers before selecting courses.

  • Most classes have a maximum enrollment of 8 students, with priority given in the order you pay your deposit for the program.

  • Tuition and fees for coursework is paid to Baylor in addition to the program fee for Baylor in Oxford.

  • Financial aid may apply to study abroad.

GTX 3341 Masterworks of Drama

Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard


This course will explore the literary and artistic value of a variety of British plays from the Middle Ages to the modern day.  Some degree plans require a Great Texts course and for others it will serve as an upper-level elective.

ENG 2301: British Literature

Dr. Hope Johnston


This popular survey course is required in many undergraduate degree plans at Baylor.

ENG 3342: Magic in Literature: Medieval to Modern

Dr. Hope Johnston


Study the rich narrative and thematic traditions of magic in literature, from Merlin to Dumbledore  (Course pre-reqs are ENG 2301 and either 2304 or 2306).

THEA 3333 Attending Plays in the U.K. (Theatre in Cultural Context)

Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard


An opportunity to engage in deep discussion about plays  you see in London, Stratford, and Oxford--both with the group and independently.  This course satisfies the requirement for upper-level elective credit.



LF 1110 Walking for Fitness (British Version)

Dr. Laine Scales


This course satisfies one of the four hours of LF credits needed for most degree plans.

SOC 1305 Introduction to Sociology (British version)

Dr. Laine Scales

This course allows you to learn more about British culture through the lens of Sociology. It may satisfy your degree requirements for a social science elective.

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