Probation/Suspension and Dismissal

Academic Probation

A student may be placed on academic probation if the student has a cumulative GPA of less than 3.00 at the end of any academic semester for the first time.

The student is notified of the academic probation action in writing by the Baylor University Graduate School. The student is required to meet with the Director of Student Affairs to develop a remediation plan that supports the student in the area(s) of academic difficulty and defines requirements to remove probation status. Included within this remediation plan may be regular meetings with the academic advisor and/or Director of Student Affairs.

To remove the probation status, the student must achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 by the end of the next academic semester following being placed on probation.

The student will be notified in writing by the Baylor University Graduate School when an academic probation status has been removed. The student is not permitted to be on academic probation for more than one (1) academic semester. A second academic probation will result in academic dismissal from the program.


Academic Suspension and Dismissal

A student who does not attain the required minimum grade point average of 3.0 during the probationary period is notified in writing of suspension by the Baylor University Graduate School. The student is precluded from all registration and enrollment privileges at that time. Should the student’s circumstances be so unusual as to warrant special consideration, the suspension letter will include directions and provisions for engaging in an appeals process. If the Graduate School denies the appeal request, the student is dismissed from the program.