Hybrid Learning Track


Students pursuing the Hybrid Learning track must complete all courses listed below.  OTD 6190, 6290 and 6392 must be completed in the order listed.  

OTD 6190 - Essentials in Hybrid Learning & Teaching:  An overview of online learning including a variety of delivery methods used in clinical and academic healthcare education. Includes the history of online learning and concepts needed to succeed in a technology-dependent, instructional environment. Emphasizes major concepts of online learning with an emphasis on hybrid classrooms.

OTD 6290 - Effective Skills in Hybrid Learning & Teaching:  Exploration of the knowledge and tools critical to planning, creating, and delivering effective learning experiences in a hybrid learning environment. Emphasis on creating engaging content and assessing the learning process. Technology platforms utilized to bring course content to life.

OTD 6392 - Practicum in Hybrid Learning:  A structured process for developing, creating and applying the knowledge of hybrid learning and teaching within a real-time teaching environment with presentation of materials to faculty and peer cohort.


Course offerings by term

(Note:  dates below are for planning purposes and actual course delivery dates may vary slightly)


Spring Term - Courses and course offering dates

OTD 6190                                     1/10 to 2/5
OTD 6290  2/14 to 4/9


Summer Term - Courses and course offering dates

OTD 6190                                     7/11 to 8/6


Fall Term - Courses and course offering dates

OTD 6392                                     10/3 to 11/26