About Us

About Us

Mission & Goals

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program Mission:


To prepare practice scholars, educational innovators, and professional leaders who utilize clinically meaningful research in the implementation of best practice to meet the changing demands of the Occupational Therapy profession.

The OTD faculty believe that student-centered teaching promotes discovery and clinical reasoning based on scholarly inquiry and instills a sense of awareness of self and others resulting in scientifically based client-centered service delivery characterized by ethical treatment decisions. This approach challenges the student to expand understandings of the relevance of occupational therapy to include considerations about the dynamic interaction of occupational performance, social participation, and Christian values.

Guided by institutional values and mission, faculty identified five curricular threads to unify the OTD curricular framework into a narrative discourse about the profession and its role in health care and the community - clinical reasoning, focus on occupation, client-centered care, servant leadership, and scholarly practice/research. Together these five threads provide the basis for the program’s curricular learning outcomes.