Mart Community Project Unveils Mosaic Mural

August 17, 2011
Over the summer, young people in the Central Texas town of Mart assisted visiting artists, Muhsana Ali and Amadou Kane Sy, in creating a mosaic mural in their high school cafeteria. On August 16, 2011, the striking mural was unveiled and dedicated to Mrs. Sue Davis, former Mart ISD teacher and beloved community leader and mentor. In addition to visual art, the students participated in educational activities such as digital game creation, music, drama, and poetry readings. The project was generously funded by the Mildred Dulaney Foundation and guided by a unique partnership between Mart residents, the Baylor University Institute for Oral History, and the departments of social work and rhetoric and writing at the University of Texas at Austin, along with local and international artists. Learn more about varied projects of the Mart Community Project, including oral history, at

Photo Gallery:

Mart Mural 1

Mart Mural 4

Mart Mural 5

Mart Mural 3

Mart Mural 2

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