BUIOH Announces 2011 Community Oral History Grant Awards

January 24, 2011
The grant will allow the Friends to carry through a project titled, "Oral Histories from Students and Teachers of the Country Schools of Gillespie County." The purpose of the project is to preserve the stories of former students and teachers at twelve extant country schoolhouses scattered around Gillespie County. The Friends have helped preserve the structures, and through oral history, they will preserve the personal side of history, as lived by people who attended or taught in the schools. Read more about the Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools.

With BUIOH assistance, the Central Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will initiate its first oral history project. The project will focus on Waco-area Hispanic leaders in business, education, politics, religion, sports, music, and neighorhoods. Volunteer interviewers from among the Chamber membership and from within the Hispanic community will gather the stories. Video footage of the interviews will air on local community access Channel 10.

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