BUIOH Launches the Texas Liberators of WWII Online Exhibit

October 12, 2015
Liberators Banner

From the fall of 2011 through 2013, BUIOH enacted a project funded by the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) to capture the stories of veterans living in Texas who took part in the liberation on Nazi concentration camps during WWII. In total, nineteen veterans were interviewed from all across the state, and their combined experiences provide a powerful shared narrative.

Today, BUIOH is proud to announce that all finished materials relating to the Texas Liberators project are now available online via a dedicated exhibit page. On the site you can find descriptions of each liberator followed by a link to their interview record. Contained therein are three major components: the electronic version of the final transcript, the access version of the interview audio, and a further link to an external viewer called OHMS where you can interact with the full interview video, which resides on our YouTube channel.

Dippo OHMS

OHMS (pictured above) is short for Oral History Metadata Syncronizer, a relatively new piece software developed by the University of Kentucky's Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History. OHMS allows the user to simultaneously engage audio/video with a transcript or index. The Texas Liberators project is the first from BUIOH to fully employ this technology for all interviews in the project. When interacting with an OHMS record, you can simply click on a topic or transcript timestamp to advance to that point in the narrative. The built-in search engine provides even greater discoverability while engaged with the video.

All members of the BUIOH staff and several student workers played a role in bringing this exhibit to life. Institute Director Stephen Sloan was the principal investigator and interviewer for this two-year grant. He was assisted by graduate student Robert DeBoard, who identified and contacted veteran liberators living in Texas, recorded the videos, and aided with the transcript processing. Former Senior Editor Elinor Maze and current Editor Michelle Holland handled transcript processing and final edited the memoirs.

Senior Editor and Collection Manager Steven Sielaff, then as a graduate student, served as video editor for the project, creating trailer clips for each interview and preserving the video. Subsequently, Sielaff designed the online portal and created the majority of the OHMS records for the project. Associate Director Lois Myers aided in the website’s creation, and University Researcher Jessica Roseberry and graduate student Nathan Roberts also contributed to the work done in OHMS.
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