OH! It's Online! - May 2015

May 5, 2015
Here is the list of interviews uploaded to our online collection database last month. All interviews feature both draft transcripts and audio.

Vauda Fogelman – 3/21/2014 (Footprints in Time)
Vauda Fogleman was a resident of Prairie Hill in Limestone County, Texas, beginning in the late 1930s.

Gerald D. Henderson – 6/4/2014 (Footprints in Time)
Gerald Dewey Henderson was a resident of Coolidge, Texas, for the majority of his life.

Diane Roseberry – 8/18/2012 (Shiloh Voices)
Diane Roseberry (b. 1958) worked at Shiloh summer camps and was the younger sister of a Shiloh worker who was murdered in New York City.

Donna Roseberry – 7/19/2013 (Shiloh Voices)
Donna Jean Roseberry (b. 1947) and Phillip Roseberry were involved in the Shiloh program in East New York 1970-1975, Phillip as director of the East New York program 1970-1973, then as an area coordinator 1973-1975. Phillip Roseberry was shot and killed in the summer of 1975, and Jessica Roseberry was born in the fall of 1975. Donna and Jessica Roseberry left New York at this time but came back to summer camp in the summers of 1977 and 1978.

Andrew W. Taulton Sr. – 2/5/2014 (Footprints in Time)
Andrew W. Taulton Sr. was a resident of Limestone County and the Woodland community.
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