Post-9/11 Stories - Veteran Students at Baylor

September 12, 2014
For those Americans who served their country through military service in the greater War on Terror, 9/11 is more than just a date for remembrance marked on the calendar each year. The consequences of the horrible events of that day continue to resonate year-round as veterans of these conflicts experience any number of ongoing challenges after they return home to the country they proudly helped to defend. The day after our national commemoration of the 9/11 anniversary, BUIOH would like to highlight a project that focused on a particular facet of this re-acclimation process.

In 2010, Baylor faculty members Dr. Lucy Barnard-Brak and Janet Bagby received a Faculty Fellows grant from BUIOH to conduct a series of interviews with student veterans, particularly those attending Baylor University. They hoped to capture their unique experiences in this new atmosphere and learn more about the particular set of challenges they faced. Senior Editor and Collection Manager Steven Sielaff notes, "Throughout these interviews a common theme is present: the struggle to integrate back into society as a whole, and college life in particular. This project reminds us of the debt we owe our veterans, and outlines clear challenges we should strive to meet on campuses across the country."

As a result of conducting these interviews, Janet Bagby became passionate about providing support services for the approximately 100 veterans attending Baylor each semester. In 2012, she became the coordinator of VETS (Veteran Educational and Transition Services), a program with the mission of supporting the academic success of Baylor student veterans. She also serves as the faculty advisor for Veterans of Baylor, a student organization. The slogan for both programs is "From Salutes to Sic 'Ems!"

As part of BUIOH's ongoing accessibility effort, eight interviews from this series have transcripts available online, with the other three present in abstract format. For those with transcripts, audio files have also recently been added. You can view the project page in our digital collection HERE.
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