Shirley Temple Black - Remembering an Oscars Legend

February 28, 2014
Shirley Oscar Big
With the 86th Academy Awards to be held this Sunday, we would like to highlight a collection of interviews from the BUIOH archives that focus on an Oscars icon - Shirley Temple. Shirley, who received the first ever Academy Juvenile Award in 1935 at the age of six, passed away recently on February 10th, 2014. Hollywood is sure to give her quite a memorial during the broadcast, but before that happens, we invite you to explore the memories of Shirley captured by Baylor faculty member Nancy Chinn. During the early 1990s. Nancy interviewed thirty-four individuals who grew up in Waco and remembered Shirley's impact on film and radio during the height of her career.

Thirty-two interviews from thirty-one individuals are available on our online database in draft transcript format, and audio files from four interviewees (Beulah Barksdale, Rowland Barrett, Cleta Bennett and Brenda Morris) are available for your listening pleasure thanks to our in-progress digitization project. Topics include watching Shirley Temple movies in Waco during the 1930s, Shirley's influence on girls' fashion and manner, the Shirley Temple product lines, comparisons to modern day child stars and much, much more. We hope you enjoy this look back at one of American cinema's true treasures!

Begin your journey through the collection HERE
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