BUIOH Interviews Highlighted on BBC "Witness" Program

December 5, 2013
Two archived interviews used by Editor Michelle Holland in her "Living Stories" collaborative project with KWBU were recently highlighted in an episode of "Witness" produced by BBC World Service. The resulting clips formed part of a piece celebrating the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in the United States.

The interviewees, Ann and William Walko and Helen Geltemeyer, speak of their familial connections to how Prohibition affected America. Their stories were part of a larger segment that Michelle Holland created on Prohibition for KWBU back in August 2011. "Witness" is a daily radio broadcast/podcast often utilizing oral testimonies to tell the stories of our shared history.

To visit the "Witness" site and listen/download the piece, CLICK HERE

To read/listen to the original "Living Stories" segment, CLICK HERE

To read transcripts and listen to the complete interviews on the BUIOH collection site, CLICK HERE (Walkos) & HERE (Geltemeyer).
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