Community Oral History Grant Bears Fruit for Goliad Library

October 9, 2012
The first Baylor Community Oral History Grant was awarded in 2010 to the Goliad Center for Texas History, part of the Goliad County Library in Goliad, Texas. With the Institute's help, the Goliad Oral History Project marked the beginning of a permanent oral history project to collect, preserve, and make accessible oral interview recordings and transcripts rounding out the history of one of the oldest towns in Texas. The Spanish and Colonial roots of Goliad and its role in the Texas Revolution are well known, but the story that lives in human memory lacks documentation. The project developers identified potential interviewees representing a diverse cross-section of the community, including citizens descended from African, German, Tejano, Mexican, and Anglo families. The memories available from these community members cover topics relevant to the area's history: ranching, agriculture, the revival of the longhorn breed, preservation of the town's major historical sites, and the development of businesses, services, and social organizations. Their stories touch on the major events of the twentieth-century--the Great Depression, the world wars, Korean and Vietnam wars, the 1950s oil boom, and the desegregation of schools. In their grant evaluation, the recipients commented, "It is hard to see how Baylor's participation could be better. You provided us with training, helped with equipment choices, transcribed interviews, and were always available to answer questions."

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Representing the Institute, Ms. Becky Shulda presents bound transcripts of interviews gathered by and for the Goliad community to participants in the project.
Goliad Presentation
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