Sharpen Your Skills: Advanced E-Workshops

Upcoming May 2018 Workshop - Digital Tools in Oral History

Our 2018 advanced workshop offering will focus on the topic of the various digital tools available to the 21st century oral historian. BUIOH Director Stephen Sloan and Senior Editor/Collection Manager Steven Sielaff will discuss software and websites (most of which are free/open source!) that will enable you to accomplish your project goals of preservation, access, and curation. This workshop will be one three-hour session and will cost $75. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for this workshop so that you will receive an e-mail when registration opens, please contact us at




Past Workshops

Beginning in the fall of 2015, in response to a multitude of requests for additional training from former participants in our popular "Getting Started" workshop, the Institute for Oral History began offering advanced online workshops once or twice yearly on high-demand topics. These workshops feature a single three-hour session that expand upon facets of the oral history process.

Prior "Sharpen Your Skills" workshops include:

  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques (November 2015)
  • Managing an Oral History Project (February 2016)
  • Processing and Outcomes in Oral History (November 2016)
  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques (May 2017)

These workshops will be offered on a rotating basis, with new topics occasionally offered as well.