Crossroads focuses on Texas as a backdrop to the larger world in which we live. Demonstrating the interconnection of Texas with the rest of the world, the program inspires viewers to see their own everyday worlds with a fresh perspective. Crossroads asks the basic question, Why do people live here? It is a question anyone may ask about anywhere people live.

In the case of Waco, for instance, the intersection of the Brazos River with the Balcones Escarpment created a hard rock crossing over which early animals passed, migrating with the seasons over the grasslands. In pursuit of the animals came humans, following mammoth and bison tracks across the prairies and fording the river at the low rock outcropping. Today, near the path along which ancient peoples traveled, within sight of the hard rock crossing, runs U.S. Interstate 35, cutting a broad swath of concrete between the nation's northern and southern borders.

About the program:

Crossroads first aired on Waco public television station KCTF-TV, Channel 34, and Temple station KNCT-TV, Channel 46, on July 3, 1991. In subsequent years, the program appeared frequently on Waco's city access channel. Crossroads was produced by the Baylor University Institute for Oral History with funding from the Madison A. and Martha Roane Cooper Foundation of Waco, Texas.

Hosted by Daryl Fleming, Crossroads features a range of people with strong ties to the land and people of Central Texas, from professional geologists to amateur archeologists, from folklore hobbyists to longtime ranchers. David Stricklin was the executive producer; Floyd Cable, producer and director. Thomas L. Charlton was the humanities advisor, and Jaclyn L. Jeffrey, the primary script writer.

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