Documentaries of Central Texas

Documenting the history of the people, places, and events of Central Texas, our home, is important to the Baylor Institute for Oral History. We believe that history becomes real when we realize that it happens to us, to our families, and to our neighbors. We invite you to listen to our sound documentary and view our video production, both of which feature topics of historical and cultural significance captured and preserved through oral history interviews.


Archival photo of Lincolnville residents

"Lincolnville at Moccasin Bend"

Bonds of community forged in slavery and strengthened in freedom continued within the hearts and minds of the descendants long after the disappearance of the physical presence of Lincolnville, a Texas freedom colony in the Leon River valley.

28 min., audio script; memoir abstracts


Crossroads (500w x 589h, 247 KB)


This video documentary examines the interaction of humans and their environment, using the Waco area as an example of how geographical and physical features shape human settlement.

28 min., video study guide