Prospective Students

How to apply for the Outdoor Adventure LLC

  1. Apply to Baylor University.
  2. Submit the University Enrollment Deposit through goBaylor once you have been accepted.
  3. Submit your housing application on goBAYLOR.
  4. Select Outdoor Adventure LLC as your top preference of communities in which you would like to live.
  5. Complete the short-answer questions in 2-3 sentences telling us why you would like to live in the OA LLC
  6. The director of the OA LLC will contact you during the last few weeks of March to schedule a 15-20 minute phone interview for the end of April.
  7. Find out your acceptance into the community in May
  8. Participate in Choose Your Own Room the first week of June.
  9. After you select your room, you will be pre-registered for the OA LLC Outdoor Adventure Sports class. 


"I enjoy these phone conversation as we begin the process to know the incoming students.  They're also just as important for the applicant and helps them understand what we are about as a community."-- David Copeland, Director

Outdoor Adventure
Living-Learning Center

Penland Residence Hall, 4th Floor

(254) 710-4702