OALA Testing Center Resource for Faculty

About Our Facility:

The Testing Center is located within the Success Center in the east wing of the Sid Rich building. There are 22 testing rooms of varying sizes as well as a computer lab. Throughout the year, students are usually able to take their exams in a room alone. During final exams and other busy testing seasons throughout the semester, it is impossible to ensure every student will be able to take their exam in a room by themselves. Various noise-cancelling devices are available to students with sensitivity to auditory distractions.

Students’ Role: Requesting Testing Appointments

Students are expected to book their testing appointments online using the scheduling software Accommodate. They can request appointments 72 hours or more before their desired testing time. This window of time is intended to give instructors time to review their requests and provide Testing Center staff with a copy of the exam.

Instructors’ Role: Reviewing Exam Requests

When a student submits a testing request, instructors receive an automated email with a link to review it. Faculty members can also access the Accommodate platform here: (https://shibboleth-baylor-accommodate.symplicity.com/sso/faculty) and bookmark it for easy access. Once logged into Accommodate, instructors can add or adjust any details necessary to administer the exam properly. Instructors may approve or disapprove the time and date that students are requesting. On each test request, instructors can indicate how they will send the exam, in addition to stipulating how it will be returned (whether through delivery or pick-up at Sid Rich). Ideally, professors send their exams 24 hours or more in advance.

OALA’s Role: Administering and Returning Exams

When students arrive to take their exams, OALA staff members check their belongings in at a designated location outside of the Testing Center to ensure no contraband items enter the testing rooms. OALA staff makes sure students receive the appropriate amount of time test per their accommodations. To monitor for academic integrity concerns, all testing rooms feature CCTV, which is reviewed throughout the day. When students finish their exam, OALA staff members collect all testing materials unless otherwise instructed by the professor. If professors wish to use it, the Testing Center offers a courier service to return exam materials to departmental offices (usually to administrative assistants or office managers), provided that signatures are collected upon delivery. Otherwise, exams will be available for pick-up on the first floor of Sid Rich.