Accommodate Information


The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation would like to make you aware of an important change that will be occurring for the Fall 2019 semester.

For students, requests for Letters of Accommodation will no longer occur through BearWeb, but will be housed in Accommodate, an online platform for accommodation management. As such, Letters of Accommodation will no longer be delivered to instructors via email. Instead, the Letters will be housed in Accommodate after being requested by the student and signature of the instructor is required to confirm receipt. When a request occurs, the instructor will receive notification via email, log in to Accommodate, view the letter, and complete the requested signature. Step-by-step instructions and a video are available below.

The process to request Testing Appointments through Accommodate will remain the same for students, as will the approval process for instructors.

Here is the direct link to log in to Accommodate:

Letters of Accommodation Process

To view and sign for Letters of Accommodation, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to Accommodate using the link at the top of this page. The link is also included in each Letter of Accommodation notification email.

2. Select "Accommodation Letters."

3. Click "Semester Request Decision" for any item that has the "Requested" tag.

4. Scroll down to view the letter. Each accommodation will be listed, as well as a brief description of the accommodation.

5. Enter your signature or initials into the "Your Signature" text box.

6. The item will then be marked with the "Signed" tab on the "Accommodation Letters" list.

Note: The Letters will always be visible in this section and can be searched for by student name or coruse using the "Keywords" box at the top of the page.

OALA recommends that you save a version of each Letter electronically (using the "Generate PDF" option) or physically (using the "Print Letter" option).

Please view the Letter of Accommodation View and Signature walk-through video below:

Testing Request Approval Process

PDF version with screenshots

1. Log in to Accommodate using the link at the top of this page. The link is also included in each Testing Request notification email.

2. Select "Courses and Testing Appointments."

3. Choose the the course in which the student is enrolled. The student's course and section will be included in the initial email.

4. Click the "Testing Requests" tab. Approved testing appointments will now be visible. To approve new exam requests, click the “Pending - Click here to approve” tab to the right of the “Approved” tab.

5. Click the student's name.

6. On Alternative Testing Room Booking form, input necessary details for Testing Center staff to administer the exam properly:

  1. Review the time and date of the appointment for accuracy.
  2. The length of the exam should reflect the standard time the class will have to complete the assessment (exam, quiz, etc.).
  3. Add Exam Pick Up Instructions by selecting your choice from the drop-down menu. Please note, Testing Center staff will need 24 hours’ notice if a physical copy is to be picked up from departmental offices.
  4. Add any relevant details about approved items that are allowed in the room (e.g. particular calculators, note cards, formulae sheets, etc.) in addition to any other instructions needed to proctor the exam.
  5. Under Return Options, choose how you would like to receive the completed exam.
  6. Upload a digital copy of your exam using the attachment feature.
  7. Choose yes or no under “Testing Appointment Approved” to send your student notification of approval or decline.
  8. Click “Submit."

7. The student’s request will now appear in your “Approved” tab under Testing Requests. If you have any other testing requests, they will appear under the “Pending—click here to approve” tab. Repeat Steps 5-6 above to approve each testing request.

Please view the Testing Request Approval walk-through video below: