Accommodate Information


1. First, students request a testing appointment in Accommodate which generates an email from the OALA Testing Center. Follow the link included in the email or click here: to access the Accommodate platform.

2. Select “Courses and Testing Appointments.

3. Select/click the course in which the student is enrolled. The student’s course and section will also be included in the initial email.

4. Click the “Testing Requests” tab near the top of the screen.

5. Pending and approved testing appointments will be visible on the next screen. To approve new test requests, click the “Pending – click here to approve” tab.

6. Then, click the student’s name.

7. This will take you to the Alternative Testing Room Booking form, which allows you to input necessary details for Testing Center staff to administer the exam properly:

  • Review the time and date of the appointment for accuracy.
  • The first box for length of testing appointment should reflect the amount of time the OALA student will have to complete the assessment (exam, quiz, etc.)
  • Add an Exam Description if desired (Exam 1, Exam 2, Mid Term, Final).
  • Choose yes or no under "Testing Appointment Approved" to send your student notification of approval or decline.
  • Select from our Exam Receipt Options to choose how you would like to get an exam to the Testing Center (upload to Accommodate, delivered, emailed, or indicate if it is online/Canvas).
  • Select or enter how long the regular class will have to take the exam.
  • Select whether or not the student is allowed to use a calculator.
  • List any additional instructions and/or approved items allowed in the testing room (e.g. particular calculators, note cards, formulae sheets, etc.).
  • Under Return Options, choose how you would like to receive the completed exam (pick-up in person, if it is online/Canvas with no return, or via campus mail listing your box number in the instructions area).
  • Finally, enter a phone number where you can be reached in case of clarification or emergency.
  • Click “Submit” when finished.

8. The student’s request will now appear in your “Approved” tab under Testing Requests. If you have any other testing requests, they will appear in “Pending – click here to approve.” Repeat the process to approve other requests.

9. To upload a digital copy of your exam (and any supporting documents) in the Accommodate system, please select the Exam tab to do so. Click “Add New Exam.” Then, please enter the necessary information and select what you want to upload, then click “Submit” when completed.

This completes the process for approving a test request and uploading an exam in the Accommodate system.