Accommodate Information


The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation would like to make you aware of an important change that will be occurring for the Fall 2019 semester.

Requests for Letters of Accommodation will no longer occur through BearWeb, but will be housed in Accommodate, an online platform for accommodation management. The process to request Testing Appointments through Accommodate will remain the same after logging in to Accommodate.

The student log-in for Accommodate can be found on Bear Web: Distinct Populations > OALA Menu > OALA Accommodation Letters and Testing Appointments.

You can also follow the direct link here:

Instructions to Bookmark the Accommodate Log-In Web Address

Letters of Accommodation

To request Letters of Accommodation, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Accommodate through BearWeb or the direct link above.

2. Click on Accommodations (left menu) > Semester Request

3. Click "Add New"

4. Choose the Semester

5a. If ALL instructors should be notified of  ALL accommodations, click "Submit For All Accommodations"

6a. The process is complete. Instructors will receive notification of a Letter of Accommodation via email.


5b. If specific accommodations need to be selected for specific courses, click "Review the Renewal."

6b. Choose the courses for each accommodation. (The checked boxes are the courses for which instructors will be notified of that particular accommodation.)

7b. Click "Submit."

8b. The process is complete. Instructors will receive notification of a Letter of Accommodation via email.

Please view the Letter Request Process walkthrough video below:

Test Room Booking

PDF version with screenshots

To book a testing room to utilize testing accommodations, follow the steps below: 

1. Log in to Accommodate through BearWeb or the direct link above.

2. Click on Testing Room (left menu)

3. Click "New Booking Request"

4. Select Course from the drop down menu.

5. Enter date and time for exam. (Select "Sid Richardson for building.)

6. Choose date and time from list on right.

7. Complete the information in the pop-up box.

8. Submit request.

The request will now appear in "Pending Booking Requests." Once approved by the instructor, it will move to "Approved Booking Requests" and a confirmation email will be sent to the student and professor.

A video walk-through of this process will be available soon.