Emergency Procedures

Campus emergency assistance: University Police are the first responders on campus for all emergencies. Emergency assistance may be obtained 24 hours a day by contacting University Police at 254-710-2222 or by dialing 2222 from any campus phone.

Medical emergencies: Some students with disabilities experience medical emergencies in the classroom (i.e., seizures, diabetic hypoglycemia, cardiac-related incidents). Students who are concerned that medical emergencies may occur during class are encouraged to obtain a letter or additional documentation from their physician and/or the OALA office to give to their professors. This letter should give information on the nature of the disability-related emergency and instructions for emergency service providers. As first responders, University Police will provide initial assessment and will contact other emergency personnel as needed.


Procedures for Emergency Evacuation of Buildings:

a) Elevators are not operational during fire and other building evacuation alarms. Therefore in emergencies, some students with disabilities (such as those with limited mobility or visual impairments) may need assistance in evacuating the building.

b) It is important that students take responsibility for their own safety. Students who may need assistance in evacuating buildings during emergencies are encouraged to:

  • Speak with professors about their emergency evacuation needs and
  • Be familiar with the emergency exits of all campus buildings.

c) During an emergency, students with disabilities requiring assistance should call or designate someone call University Police at 2222. After notifying police of their location, students should go to the nearest “Area of Rescue Assistance” which will be located next to a stairwell, or enclosed stairwell. Students should wait there for University Police or emergency responders. Students are encouraged to ask an instructor, classmate or passer-by to stay with them until the police arrive.


Procedures for Emergency Evacuation of Campus:

Campus will be evacuated for emergencies threatening the campus.

a) Students are encouraged to review the evacuation procedures on the Risk Management website.

b) Students with disabilities needing special transportation assistance during emergencies should contact University Police at 710-2222.

c) Campus housing residents with disabilities: At the beginning of each semester, CL&L staff that are responsible for evacuation are informed by OALA of the needs of residents with disabilities who will need assistance with emergency evacuation. Student residents should also discuss any special arrangements with the CL&L staff. Student may request a special sign to be placed on their room to assist evacuation personnel if needed.

For more information, please visit the Risk Management website.