Housing Accommodation Request

At Baylor University, we find it important to provide an environment where a student can excel outside of the classroom. In certain situations students may need to request special housing accommodations. In order to make a special housing request, students need to fill out the Housing Accommodation Request Form. The request will ask for documentation regarding a substantially limiting condition by appropriate medical professionals.

All documentation provided from medical professionals must meet the following requirements:

* Be on letterhead of the particular medical or health institution or on the letterhead of the medical/health/disability professional issuing the documentation
* Include a statement of impact and/or limitations on student's residential living capacity
* Include recommendations of appropriate reasonable accommodations
* The date of the most recent office visit
* Signature and credentials of medical professional

Students must complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form, submit all documentation and include a personal statement with the accommodations requested.

We work with Campus Living & Learning to ensure that students who have registered with our office are afforded appropriate housing options before others are assigned campus housing. Housing requests will be accommodated based on the level of need and space availability. Given that, it is best to hear from you by certain dates in order to facilitate that process.


1. Housing requests must be completed and submitted to our office by April 23rd, 2021.

2. Students will receive confirmation that the housing request has been reviewed and processed.

3. Students will receive notification of their room assignment by early June 2021 via Baylor email.

The OALA Documentation Review Committee will review all requests and notify the student if they have been approved or denied.

Please submit all materials together to:

Office of Access and Learning Accommodation
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97204
Waco, Texas 76798
254-710-3608 (fax)

NB: The OALA office doesn’t make housing accommodation requests for students to be assigned to a particular residence hall, but rather for a particular housing set-up (i.e. ADA-accessible room, private bathroom, first floor, etc.). Our office is not involved in the roommate selection process either and OALA accommodations do not allow for roommate matching. Be cautioned that single rooms, rooms with private bathrooms, and rooms with access to a kitchen are rare on campus and reserved for disability impacts that are severe and significantly limiting. For students who have trouble concentrating and studying in their room, a single room is not typically warranted and OALA can refer the student to a list of quiet study spaces around campus.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for current OALA students:

We have processed a housing accommodation for you last academic year.

If you wish to remain in your current space, please let us know as soon as possible. In addition, if you wish to move to a different space on-campus, or if you're going to move off-campus, please let us know as well.