Testing Center

The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation Testing Center works to ensure that appropriate testing accommodations are provided for students who are eligible for services. In order to maintain the integrity of the Testing Center and the exams being administered, the following rules apply to all users.

Scheduling Exams

  • The testing center is open M-F from 8AM to 5PM with extended hours during final exams. No test may be scheduled to begin later than 3:30PM during regular academic sessions. Exams scheduled outside of the standard hours of operation will be arranged on a case by case basis.
  • For scheduling purposes, OALA Testing Center requires 7 days advance notice during the Fall and Spring terms (3 working days for Summer terms).  If a student’s Test Room Booking request is not submitted prior to the prescribed timeframe, Baylor Accommodate will not allow he/she to schedule an exam. However, the Assistant Director of Testing, can in certain extenuating circumstances, facilitate scheduling an exam within the 7 day time frame.
  • For final exams, the Test Room Booking deadline is approximately one week prior to the first day of final exams. Specific deadline dates vary by semester and will be published on the OALA website, OALA social media accounts and delivered via email to students.
  • No regular course exams will be administered during dead days or holidays (as designated by the Academic Calendar).

Changing Exam Dates/Times

  • If an exam date or time changes, it is the student's responsibility to notify OALA of those changes by having the instructor submit the change to the Testing Center via email.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify both the instructor and Testing Center if he/she will miss an exam. It is also the student’s responsibility to schedule a make-up date/time.
  • All exams will be administered at the regularly scheduled date/time of the class, unless OALA receives approval from the instructor to take the exam at an alternate date/time. The alternate date/time must be received from the instructor in advance and in writing (email is acceptable).

Taking Exams in the Testing Center

  • Students will check in for their exam by displaying their Student ID to Testing Center staff. Cell phones and other personal belongings unrelated to the exam are not allowed in the testing room. These items must be left with Testing Center staff until the completion of the exam.
  • The student is expected to arrive on time for all exams. If the student is more than 10 minutes late for an exam, professor permission must be granted for the student to take the exam.
  • Testing Center staff closely supervises all aspects of testing via closed-circuit monitoring. Any student found cheating will be required to surrender his/her exam. The instructor and Office of Academic Integrity will be immediately notified.
  • The student is responsible for following all instructions on the exam and will assume any penalties that may result from misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
  • The student must complete the exam (scantron completion included) within the allotted time period created by the specific plan made with their Accommodation Specialist.
  • If the student needs a break during testing, all testing materials must be returned to Testing Center staff for the duration of the break. A student’s testing time does not freeze during breaks.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the testing room unless that is part of a student’s accommodation; if water is needed the student may have a bottle of water. Any food or drink item is subject to inspection by Testing Center staff.
  • If needed, OALA will provide all necessary exam materials to include blue books, calculators, scantrons, etc.