How to Request Services

1. Students seeking accommodations at Baylor University begin the approval process by completing the Application for Accommodations, an online form found here.

2. Students who are seeking support services from the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation, on the basis of a diagnosed disability, are required to present current (preferably within the last three years) and appropriate documentation, so as to verify eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation is located in the Paul L. Foster Success Center in the Sid Richardson Building, First Floor, East Wing.

Drop off, mail, fax, or email any paperwork you have that documents your disability and/or accommodations you've used in the past, along with your OALA application to:

Office of Access and Learning Accommodation
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97204
Waco, Texas 76798
FAX: 254-710-3608

3. Application and documentation will be reviewed and assigned to an Accommodation Specialist. All required documentation must be received in the OALA office before 5 p.m. on Thursdays to be evaluated during each week’s review process. Anything received after 5 p.m. on Thursday will be reviewed the following week. Please allow two (2) business days for an OALA Accommodation Specialist to contact you after your documentation has been reviewed via email.

3. Once the medical documentation has been reviewed and determined to be sufficient, appointment needs to be scheduled with the assigned Accommodation Specialist.

4. At the beginning of each semester, students will be responsible for logging into your Bearweb account and selecting the professors who would need to receive your letters of accommodation. Letters of accommodation will be generated based on this request and the accommodations agreed upon. Once letters have been requested, the professors will receive an email displaying your accommodation letter.

5. A meeting needs to be arranged with each course instructor at the beginning of each semester in order to discuss and pre-arrange accommodations.

Begin the process by filling out your OALA Application.