Traditional Nursing BSN

Lower Division Pre-Nursing Students entering Baylor University

Students may enter Baylor University as a Freshmen or Sophomore to complete the prerequisite courses on the main campus in Waco, TX. To find more information regarding this application process, please contact Baylor University Admissions.

Current Pre-Nursing Students at Baylor University

Students that complete at least half fo their prerequisite courses (32 hours or more) at Baylor University in Waco, TX will be considered Baylor applicants for the nursing program and will follow the admission process outlined here. Both students currently completing their prerequisite courses at Baylor University, as well as previous Baylor University gradutes, are considered a part of this population.

Transfer Students

Students that complete their prerequisite courses at another regionally accredited college or university are considered transfer students when applying to the nursing program and should follow the admission process outlined here.