Spring Break Mission Trip to Honduras

March 8, 2007
During the second week of March, 40 students and staff from Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing (in Dallas) and Baylor University (in Waco) will be traveling to Chuloteca, Honduras. At the invitation of La Iglesia Esperanza in Chuloteca, our students will be teaching in the schools, working in the churches clinic and teaching lessons in personal hygiene.

Chuloteca has about 250.000 people and is the closest state/city to the Pacific Ocean. La Iglesia Esperanza has a Christian school that has 900 students. Our team will be teaching in almost every grade. We will also be teaching health care (wash your hands, brush your teeth and eat your vegetables) to the students who attend 4 public schools. La Esperanza operates a clinic within a block of its property. Our nursing professors, grad students and undergrad nursing students will be seeing patients at their clinic the entire time we are there.

This is the first time that anyone can remember, when Baylor/Waco and Baylor/Nursing school have teamed up for a Mission trip. It is our hope and desire that we would see the Lord at work among us in Chuloteca.
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