Simulation as a Catalyst for Collaboration and Innovation
All scenario-based simulation activities are a collaboration between the Sim Facilitator (an expert in the use of simulation as a teaching methodology) and a clinical or course faculty member, who serves as the content expert.

In the Fall of 2017, the LHSON Sim Team created the Two-Heads-Are-Better-Than-One (2HeadsR>1) strategy for role assignment in simulation.  This innovative approach to scenario-based simulation activities, allows for the assessment of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills, while also encouraging collaboration and shared decision-making.  Two students assume the role of one nurse.  They are instructed to move and act as if they are one person, requiring the use of think aloud to share their thoughts, collaborate, and determine the appropriate plan of care for the simulated patient.

Below is a pre-recorded conversation of the 2Heads>1 strategy from the INASCL 2021 Conference. To view click the link: