Meet Endalk Tulu

The FastBacc® program at the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing is an intensive one-year commitment to becoming a nurse in an accelerated pace. Getting to know the incredible faculty and staff that support this revered program makes the educational experience even better. Meet Endalk Tulu,
Financial Aid Manager in the Student Services at the LHSON.

What is your role to support the FastBacc® program?
My role is to support the FastBacc students with the financial aid process. FastBacc students usually get in touch with me as a prospective student inquiring about cost of the program, and availability of financial aid. I provide financial aid information and instruction that goes out with their acceptance letter and continue to work with our students individually and as a group to ensure that they make an informed decision regarding financial aid and secure funding to pay for school and living expenses. Since FastBacc students very much depend on student loans to pay for their education and enroll into two academic years, the process can be complicated, and often stressful. FastBacc students are about 1/5 of LHSON undergraduate students, but about 50% of my work is dedicated to helping them.  

Briefly describe your position at LHSON and how long you’ve been with Baylor University.
I am the financial aid manager at LHSON and have been with Baylor for over 13 years. In my position I have the great privilege of managing scholarship budgets for both undergraduate and graduate programs and working with all stakeholders on financial aid matters.

What are the top 3 questions you get asked the most about the FastBacc program?

  1. Is there financial aid for the FastBacc students?
  2. Are there scholarships that I can apply for?
  3. What is the Cost of Attendance for the FastBacc program?

What advice would you give potential FastBacc students?
FastBacc is not cheap; you have to pay a significant amount of money and completely invest your time and energy into the program for 12 months. However, the reward is great and return on your investment is exponential that last life-long. Education in general and nursing in particular is one of the few opportunities in life that you get to invest in something that is priceless and the value never depreciates.

What is something interesting about yourself you can share with students?
I love playing and watching soccer games. I was never a gifted player but loved playing anyway and still spend time kicking the ball in our backyard. Our daughter Naomi and I are big fans of Arsenal FC while our son Ezra supports Liverpool FC. Both teams are from the English Premier League. My wife Lily says she is a neutral but usually cheers for Liverpool with Ezra.