NUR 5381 Visionary Leadership in Complex Organizational System

NUR 5280 Health Informatics and Innovations in Technology

NUR 5283 Ethics and Cultural Competence for Nurse Leaders

NUR 5382 Health Policy and Advocacy for the Nursing Leader

NUR 5391 Quality Management and Safety in Nursing Practice

NUR 5385 Legal and Regulatory Requirements and Compliance

NUR 5287 Professionalism of the Exemplary Nurse Leader

NUR 5389: Financial Acumen for Nursing Leadership

NUR 5384 Evidence Based Practice for Nurse Leaders

NUR 5386 Innovation for Clinical Prevention and Population Health

NUR 5388 Interprofessional Collaboration and Partnerships

NUR 5290 Innovative and Global Nursing Practice/ Missions

NUR 5V92 Residency for the Nurse Leader: (NUR 5V92 1-credit, 30 practice hours; NUR 5V92 3-credit, 90 practice hours)