For admission to the Nursing Graduate Program, applicants must meet the general requirements set forth by the Graduate School and the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. 

Admission Requirements for BSN to DNP:
1) Unencumbered license to practice as an RN
2) Baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing
3) GPA of 3.0 or higher
4) Three letters of recommendation as follow: one must be from an immediate supervisor, one must be from a peer nurse and one must be from a MSN, DNP or PhD prepared nurse
5) Complete a written personal statement
6) Nursing experience

  • FNP - One (1) year of full time experience as a practicing professional nurse (additional work experience may be required by faculty)
  • NNP - The equivalent of two years of full-time clinical practice experience (within the last five years) as a registered nurse in the care of critically ill neonates or infant in critical care inpatient settings is required before a student begins clinical courses. Students may enroll in pre-clinical courses while obtaining the necessary practice experience.
  • Midwifery - Optimally, although not required, have one year of clinical practice preferably in Labor and Delivery, extensive observational experiences of birth or education and practices as a doula. 

If admitted into the DNP program:
1) All DNP students must be licensed to practice nursing in the State of Texas or the state where clinicals will be completed (for those in fully online programs).
2) Documentation of successful completion (grade of B or better) of a graduate level statistics course prior to matriculation into the program

Full-time and part-time degree plans are available. Graduate student tuition is based on credit hours, not a flat rate and is consistent with that of Baylor University. Fees are added after the per credit tuition rate. Technology such as laptops, smart phones, etc. may be of value, but are up to the individual and personal preferences. 

Application Deadlines
The final deadline to apply for the BSN to DNP for Fall 2018 is July 27th.

Financial Assistance
Students admitted to the Graduate Program in Nursing may be eligible for scholarship/graduate tuition assistance through the school of nursing. Scholarship funds are limited and are awarded based on tuition cost after students register for classes. Federal assistance in the form of student loans is available through the Baylor University Financial Aid Office. Federal student loans require completion of FAFSA by students at Please contact Endalk Tulu, Louise Herrington School of Nursing Financial Aid Coordinator, for additional information.

For More Information Contact:
Ms. Madison Adcock (for FNP program)
Coordinator of Recruitment and Enrollment
(214) 820-2771 Direct

Ms. Elaine Lark (for NNP and Midwifery programs)
Coordinator of Recruitment and Enrollment
(214) 818-7839 Direct