Graduate Candidate Info

To All MSN Graduate Candidates:

Below you will find helpful information during your graduating semester. It will provide a timeline of things to be complete each month prior to graduating as well as helpful links.

The school of Nursing does not have a Pinning Ceremony in the summer, so all candidates for Spring and Summer will be included in the May Pinning Ceremony.

Friday, January 12 - Finger Printing
Representatives who are experts in this field (CSI) will be at the school taking fingerprints for our graduating BSN students in room 203. If you will be participating in a clinical which requires fingerprinting to be done, you may come by during this time.
$9.95 check or Money Order

Friday, February 2 - Nursing Pin
For the pinning form, Pinning Form
Order forms are now available in Student Services. Please inform Debbie if you are not ordering a pin. After the deadline, you can contact the company directly to order the pin. REMEMBER: You may still participate in the pinning ceremony -- even if you don't buy or have a pin.

Interesting "Pinning" Trivia: Occasionally a student chooses to use the nursing pin of someone special to them who is/was a nurse -- Such as their mother, father, grandmother, aunt, etc. (With their permission, of course!) If you choose to use a family member's pin, please let Student Services know.
Approximately $119, *amount may change

March - Invitations
To order invitations, go to the Josten's website by clicking here. Allow at least 3 weeks delivery.
See the Graduates Checklist by clicking here.

March - Graduation Regalia
Graduation regalia is ordered from the Baylor Bookstore in Waco. Contact Judy Goates, 254-710-2161. (Shipping prices may vary, so this price is just an estimate). You may also find additional information on Baylor's Commencement webpage at
Approximately $33.00

Monday, April 9 - Commencement Name Pronunciation
If you plan to participate in Baylor Commencement and have a name that is sometimes mispronounced, go to and click on "Graduates" then "Commencement Name Pronunciation Card". This will provide a phonetic spelling of your name to help with pronunciation. 

Monday, April 9 - Not Attending Commencement?
If you do not plan to participate in Baylor Commencement, let the Registrar's Office know by going to and click on "Not Attending Commencement Form"

Monday, April 6 - Pinning Reservations
Please fill out the attachment that was emailed to you and return to Debbie Milam with the number of people that will be attending the pinning reception. The cost of the reception is a flat $25, regardless if you bring 3 or 15 people. We just need a realistic number so that appropriate arrangements can be made. We will continue to take reservations unitl noon on May 4 or until we are filled to capacity, whichever comes first. You may pay by cash or make a check payable to: Baylor University.

Wednesday, May 9 - Pinning Rehearsal
Pinning rehearsal is at 1:00 p.m. at East Dallas Christian Church

Friday, May 11 - Pinning Ceremony
Be at the church no later than 9:30 a.m. Ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. with a reception following in the church reception hall. Wondering what to wear? "Sunday morning" or "job interview" attire is an acceptable dress for this special occasion. 

Saturday, May 12 - May Graduation Ceremony
Ferrell Center: Commencement for the Nursing School is at 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 11 - August Graduation Ceremony
Ferrell Center: Commencement for the Nursing School is at 10:00 a.m.