BearID Activation


TRANSFER STUDENTS: Activate your BEAR ID if you are new to Baylor.
Once your $500 enrollment deposit has been processed through the Baylor Cashier's office in Waco, you should be able to activate your BEAR ID. (See Financial Aid information)

ALL STUDENTS: Read the Baylor Password Policies along with the Technology Usage Policy. Activating your Bear ID means that YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS specified by Baylor University. ALL email correspondence will be made ONLY through your Baylor account. CLICK HERE to Activate your Baylor ID.


Also, it would be great if you could send Student Services a quick email from your NEW BAYLOR EMAIL ACCOUNT notifying us when you have activated your ID.

The school of nursing holds students accountable for checking AND READING their BAYLOR EMAIL account. We cannot stress enough the importance of checking your Baylor Email DAILY. Many important announcements will be communicated ONLY THROUGH YOUR BAYLOR EMAIL.