Campus Parking Information

*IMPORTANT* ALL students who park a vehicle on the Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) Dallas Campus are required to register with Parking Services!

New Students -
Do not go to the Parking Office until you are notified by the nursing school. Once notified, please make every effort to obtain your Parking Decal BEFORE Orientation! 

You will receive your campus ID at orientation. This ID will give you access to the nursing school and assigned parking lot(s). See Parking map for locations.

ALL STUDENTS : $25 fee per Semester

Parking Servies requires this fee each semester from each student for a permit to park on the BUMC campus. Your decal is only valid for you to park in the student assigned lot(s). The parking decal will remain valid as long as you pay the required $25 fee prior to the beginning of each semester. The vehicle registration form must be returned by the deadline. 

Parking Fee Schedule: 
  • Spring Semester (1/1 - 5/31): $25
  • Summer Semester (6/1 - 7/31): $25
  • Fall Semester (8/1 - 12/31): $25
  • Who do I pay? You may pay your parking fee by debit/credit card. If you pay by check or Money Order, please make it payable to BHCS (Baylor Health Care System), NO CASH!

Students are not allowed to park in Garage 4 or 5, visitor spaces, metered parking or the Landry Center. 

Full-time BUMC or BHCS Employees ONLY,
do not pay the required fee. If you qualify, the student must register with Parking Services to obtain a hang tag allowing them to park in Lot 14.

registered with BUMC Parking Services will be issued a Lot 14 sticker. This identifies you as a "Nursing School Student." This does not necessarily mean you can park in lot 14 all the time.

Please see parking assignments below.
* Graduate School & FastBacc students park in Lot 14 with overflow of Garage 7* & lot 47
* J1 & J2 students park in Garage 7 Rooftop ONLY! with overflow of lot 47
* S1 & S2 students park in Lot 14 with overflow of Garage 7* & lot 47

Note: *Garage 7 is limited to the rooftop ONLY!
ALL STUDENTS are allowed to park in lot 14 between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. each evening and all day on Saturday and Sunday only if you have a valid parking decal and no outstanding fees or fines.

Parking Services
4005 Crutcher Street
Dallas, Texas  75246