HESI A2 Information

All applicants are required to take the HESI Admission Assessment Exam (A2), an assessment tool used to evaluate prospective students and their potential for successful program completion. The HESI A2 exam may only be taken once during each admission period.
Areas to be tested include:
  • Math
  • English Composite (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and General Knowledge and Grammar)
  • Not required: Any science section

Minimum scores of 80 or better on both the HESI A2 Math and English Composite portions are required to be eligible to apply to the nursing program.*
*All test score requirements are subject to change. Please verify all requirements with an advisor.

You may take the exam at Baylor University’s testing center, at another school, or at a Prometric testing site. Registration for testing through a Prometric testing site is online and separate from Baylor University. Below are the instructions and links.
First time to register - Registering on the Prometric Web Site Click here.

Once you receive your eligibility ID you can go to the Prometric website to locate a testing center.

  • To Locate a Testing Center and Schedule Your Test: Go to: www.prometric.com
    On the main page click the tab marked "D-G"
    Select "Elsevier"
    Select Schedule my Test
    Select Country and State
    Read over the information review - then click Next
    Read over the Privacy Policy, click "I Agree" and Next
    Enter your Eligibility ID and first four letters of your last name - follow remaining instructions to locate a testing center and schedule your test

Reporting Scores to LHSON
You must submit an official copy of your completed HESI A2 exam scores to LHSON before the application deadline in order to be considered for admission.
To send in your scores from:

  • Baylor University Testing Center
    Your scores will automatically be sent to your Academic Advisor.
    Please check within a week that your Advisor has received your scores.
  • Prometric Alternate Test Center
    Follow directions listed on the Elsevier website. The Baylor LHSON department code is: 198255.
    NOTE: Please have Elsevier send the official score report via email to BU_Nursing@baylor.edu
Study Guide
If you would like you may purchase an Admission Assessment study guide please call 1.800.545.2522 and request the Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Admission Assessment Exam Review or click here.