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Members of the Student Leadership Team serve as positive ambassadors for Baylor University to incoming Baylor students and their guests during Baylor Line Camp. This unique leadership opportunity offers students the space to dream, craft, imagine, plan, implement, and invest behind the scenes in Baylor Line Camp. This opportunity is only open for students who have worked with New Student Programs in the past. 

Applications for Summer 2023
will open Fall 2022

Position Description

Application Process

The Student Leadership Team Application is open from September 20th and will close on October 4th at 8:00am.

As part of your application process, you will participate in a 25 minute in-person interview with NSP. We invite you to prepare a 6-8 minute presentation that highlights and authentically expresses your desire to serve with NSP this summer. The style of your presentation is up to you! We want you to have fun with this presentation, while also making it professional. We want to see YOU and hear YOUR HEART in the presentation. With that in mind, you could have a powerpoint presentation, video, prezi video, or something tangible that you share with us in the moment. If using a computer, you will be able to share your screen on the tv. We have an Apple TV with Airplay or an HDMI cable. Please address the following prompt: Recognizing that we often learn more about ourselves and the world around us through experiencing a significant experience, like being an O+BLC Leader, please share with us what you learned about yourself in your previous summer(s) with NSP (how that shaped you, challenges you faced, joys you experienced, etc). As you reflect on your previous experience, what was instrumental in informing your own self-understanding and how would you describe who you were and who you have become from working in our office. There will be a time for Q&A with NSP staff after your presentation so please come prepared to ask any questions you have about this position or this summer. If you have any questions about the interview process or your presentation, please call NSP at 254-710-7240 or email us.

You will sign up for your individual interview directly from the application.

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