Be a Welcome Week Leader!

Our goal at Welcome Week is to warmly welcome, energize, and unify all new students as they begin their Baylor experience. Welcome Week is all about new students! Our hope is that new students will begin to feel a true sense of belonging to their new home in the Baylor community after experiencing Welcome Week.

Staff Expectations


- A belief in and support for the Baylor mission
- A team-centered attitude
- A positive work ethic
- Strong communication skills
- Effective problem solving abilities
- Ability to work with students, faculty, and staff
- Integrity and alignment with Baylor policies
- Good academic standing (at least 2.5 overall GPA)
- Good disciplinary standing
- Sensitivity to diversity in all of its forms


We recognize and acknowledge that Welcome Week is a very full week especially for our student leaders. Our desire is to equip each of you with the tools that you need to be an effective and relational student leader for the week, and our expetacation is that you would make every effort to committ to the expectations and requirements of the Welcome Week Staff positions

2017 Training Dates

Staff members must attend the full duration of Welcome Week training, including:

Monday, August 14 - Afternoon/Evening
Tuesday, August 15 - Afternoon/Evening
Wednesday, August 16 - Morning/Afternoon

Welcome Week is an intense week. Beginning with MOVE2BU through the completion of the week at the Welcome Week Worship Service, we will call on you to lead, love, and live Welcome Week! We appreciate our staff and are committed to taking care of you. At the same time, please know that we expect all of our staff to carry a positive attitude and be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for the week. Members are expected to attend all scheduled activities from start to finish, and ensure the attendance of students in their small groups as best as they can. Additionally, Welcome Week Staff may be called upon to assist in setting up and/or tearing down Welcome Week events.

The following expectations have been implemented to create a better overall experience for all participants, and reflect the desires and requests of previous student and staff participants. Although some of these expectations reflect Baylor University's code of conduct requirements, many are simply added to respect the wishes of all participants.

Beginning Monday, August 14 at 1:00pm, all volunteers for Welcome Week become official Welcome Week Staff members and continue to be official staff members for 24 hours a day until Sunday, August 20, at 11:59pm. Staff members are expected to be positive representatives for the University before, after, and during the official commitment.

Other Welcome Week Staff Expectations

As a Welcome Week leader, you will be serving as an ambassador of Baylor. As a result, we ask that you conduct yourself in a manner that is appropriate. Specifically, your words and actions should reflect a positive and encouraging tone. The use of inappropriate slang words, racial slurs, derogatory comments, etc., are not permitted during Welcome Week. Additionally, promoting or prescribing organizational involvement, or using Welcome Week as a recruitment tool will not be tolerated. We will ask that leaders refrain from wearing clothing that would promote any organization(s).

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

The and use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is not permitted at any time (24 hours a day) during the time a student is serving as a member of the Welcome Week Staff

Tobacco products

Baylor University is a tobacco-free, smoke-free campus. The use of any form of tobacco is strictly prohibited in and outside of all University-owned buildings, including those located on campus, in Waco and other cities, as well as parking lots, garages and sidewalks.


During Welcome Week, we will provide staff t-shirts that are to be worn during the week. When considering which shorts/pant/skirts and shoes to wear, please keep in mind the scheduled Welcome Week activities. Additionally, we will ask that leaders refrain from wearing clothing that would promote any organization(s)

Welcome Week Leader Expectations