Class Session #6

Develop Autonomy

Guiding Questions: How can I learn to live responsibly on my own? How do I take responsibility for my own learning, habits and well-being while committing myself to community?

Learning Objectives
  1. Student will understand the principle of academic integrity.
  2. Students will recognize Baylor's Honor Code.
  3. Students will understand what it means to take responsibility for their own learning and well-being in college.
  4. Students will begin preparation for advisement.
  5. Students will understand the importance of the choices they face and seek out resources to help them.

Possible Readings

  1. Burleson, Blake - Integrity
  2. Davis, Darin - Attention and Intention
  3. Riley, Hugh and Diaz-Granados - Transitions
  4. Saxon, Terrill; Tracey Sulak; and Tamara Hodges - Becoming An Active Learner
  5. Tran, Jonathan - Temperance
  6. Vardaman, Elizabeth - Perseverance
  7. Wilkerson, Rachel-‐ Curiosity
  8. Literary: Hibbs, Thomas "Wisdom Transformed by Love," Christian Reflection 30 (2009): 38-45; John Keats, "La Belle Dame sans Merci"; Chesterton, "Donkey"; Blackmore, "Dominus Illuminatio Mea"

Suggested In-Class Activities and Supplementary Materials

  1. Frame today's discussion by emphasizing the importance of the choices students face in college from what time they wake up in the morning to what to be involved in to what major and vocational goals they set. Being intentional and making informed choices are critical to becoming whole persons and contributing members of society. Taking responsibility for one's own path is ironically, and especially in a community like Baylor, directly related to one's role in relation to others. To explore and contextualize autonomy within community, spend time in class discussing Baylor's Honor Code and academic advisement. Of course, there are many other directions you can take in this conversation. You could discuss health and wellness, service to others, time management, resources available such as Counseling and the Health Center, among other subjects.
  2. Conclude your time with students by emphasizing that the experience at Baylor will be transformative. The journey will be rigorous and challenging in many ways, but it is encompassed within a caring and supportive community. Encourage students to stay connected with you. Explain that your job is to help them thrive while here.