Class Session #5

Engage in Spiritual Formation

Guiding Questions: How will Baylor shape me spiritually? How can I posture myself for spiritual growth? How does my spiritual development relate to my intellectual pursuits?

Learning Objectives
  1. Students will identify academic work as spiritually formative.
  2. Students will explain their developing understanding of the academic life as a spiritual path.
Possible Readings
  1. Chaplain - Living Wisdom
  2. Colón, Susan - Humility
  3. Davis, Darin - Attention and Intention
  4. Singletary, Jon - Service
  5. Tran, Jonathan - Temperance
  6. Literary: Emily Rogers and Haley Stewart, "Humble Wisdom," Christian Reflection 30 (2009):56-62; St. Bernard, Preface to De Gradibus Superbiae et Humilitatis; John Milton, "Sonnet on his Blindness"
Suggested In-Class Activities and Supplementary Materials
  1. Being Spiritual at Baylor
Before the Next Meeting
  1. Have students complete the On-line Academic Integrity Course. Students will have received an email prompting them to take the tutorial and quiz several times prior to this date. The emails include instructions on how to access the tutorial and take the quiz on Blackboard.
  2. Prepare for Your Advising Appointment Questionnaire - Hand out this resource and ask them to complete Part I and bring the entire handout back with them to the next class.