Class Session #3

Develop Personal and Professional Goals

Guiding Question: Who will I become at Baylor and afterwards? What steps am I taking now to help me figure out how to navigate an enriching coordinated path from matriculation to graduation?

Learning Objectives
  1. Students will express short-term goals.
  2. Students will articulate how short-term goals relate to longer-term academic, personal, and professional goals.

Possible Readings

  1. Chaplain - Meaning To
  2. Chaplain - Real Time
  3. Thornton, Ashley - Time Management
  4. Tran, Jonathan - Temperance
  5. Vardaman, Elizabeth - Perseverance
  6. Literary: Gerard Manly Hopkins "To Seem a Stranger"; John Milton, "Sonnet on Time"

Suggested In-Class Activities and Supplementary Materials

  1. Have students present the information gathered on different support offices on campus.
  2. Have students talk about their first professor's office visit. For those who have not done so yet, challenge them to do it next week.
  3. Progression of Skills and Values
  4. Your Elevator Speech: Top 10 Personal Branding tips for Students - Have students begin with the end in mind by having them do this activity in small groups or pairs. Encourage them to start taking advantage of the great resources in the Baylor University Career Center.

Before the Next Meeting

  1. Have students prepare a planner that enables you to be more intentional about how you spend your time. Include in your planner 1) classes, 2) times to study for each class, 3) student organizations, 4) other commitments, and 5) rest.