List of Credit-Bearing NSE Courses

AVS 1300: Introduction To Aviation
BIC 1212: Life Choices/Pers Wellness
BUS 1101: Connect to Hankamer School Bus
CHA 1088: U1000 & BU 1000
CSD 1308: Speech Pathology & Audio
CSI 1095: Comp Science 1st yr seminar
CSS 1305: Comm Resrch/Tech Applicatns
EGR 1095: EGR First-Year Seminar
ENT 3301: Entreprnshp:Living & Learning
FAS 1311: Lang, Culture, & Global Comm
FCS 1104:  Professional Perspectives
FDM 1101:  NSE in Film & Digital Media
FRE 1301:  Elementary French
FYS 1399:  Lit. Bible-Old Testament HNR
FYS 1399:  Trends in Healthcare HNR
FYS 1399: Hist/Memory 20th C. Novel HNR
FYS 1399: Crossroads in Medicine HNR
FYS 1399: FAKE: Truth in Decept Wrld HNR
FYS 1399: Found. of Western Civ HNR
FYS 1399: First Year Seminars
GEO 1306: The Earth Through Time
GTX 1301: Ancient Medieval Art HNR
GTX 2301:Intel'l Trad Ancient Wrld HNR
HED 1350: Dimensions Health Scienc Studi
HIS 1300: US in Global Perspective
ITA 1301: Elementary Italian
JOU 1303: Intro to Mass Communication
JPN 1301: Introductory Japanese
LAT 1301: Elementary Latin
LDS 1301: Introduction to Leadership
LF 1111: Aerobic Running
LF 1162: Outdoor Adventure Sports
LF 1181: Beginning Tennis
MH 1331: Intro to Medical Humanities
MH 1331: Intro to Medical HumanitiesHNR
MUS 1095: Freshman Music Seminar
NSC 1101: NSE in PSY/NSC
NUR 1101: Intro to Art and Science Nrsg
PHI 1301: Philosophy & Inklings HNR
PHI 1301: Faith and Reason HNR
PHI 1301: Find Ques in Epist & Meta HNR
PHI 1301: Ancient Political Thought HNR
PHI 1301: Political Philosophy HNR
PHP 1105: Foundations of Medicine
PHY 1025: Finding Success in Physics
PSC 2302: US Const,Interp,Am Pol Exp HNR
PSC 2302: American Constitutional Dev
PSY 1101: Personal Effect Skills
PUBH 1145: Health & Human Behavior
REL 1310: The Christian Scriptures
RLS 1396: Intro to Leisure Service
STL 1101: Identifying Potential Careers
STL 1102: Preparing for Law
STL 1102: Veterans in Transition
STL 1102: Find Your Way
STL 1102: First Generation Coll Student
STL 1102: Exploring Vocation & Calling
STL 1200: Strategic Learning
STL 1201: Strategic Learning
SWO 1101: Social Justice/New Begin at BU
TED 1312: Introduction to Teaching I
THEA 1380: Intro to Theatre Aesthetics