Waco Tribune-Herald: New book to celebrate Baylor's unprecedented athletic success this school year

May 29, 2012

Article reprinted with the permission of The Waco Tribune-Herald.


May 27, 2012

Baylor University, the Tribune-Herald and Pediment Publishing are collaborating on a book that will tell the story of Baylor's unprecedented athletic success during the 2011-12 school year.

The working title for the 128-page, hard-bound book is, "Baylor's Brilliant Year, The Winningest Year In The History Of College Sports."

It chronicles the football team's 10-win season, highlighted by an Alamo Bowl victory and a Heisman Trophy for quarterback Robert Griffin III; the Lady Bears' 40-0 basketball season and national championship; the men's 30-win, Elite Eight performance in basketball; and the baseball team's run to the Big 12 regular season title and beyond.

Washington-based Pediment Publishing has produced books commemorating championship seasons at schools like Alabama and Auburn and will publish a book celebrating Baylor's record-breaking year.

With its victory Friday against Kansas State in the Big 12 baseball tournament, Baylor became the winningest school ever in the "big four" sports of football, baseball and men's and women's basketball.

It eclipsed the University of Texas' mark of 123 wins, with the NCAA baseball tournament still ahead.

"We're putting the entire Baylor athletic year into a coffee-table book," said Nick Joos, Baylor's executive associate athletic director for external affairs. "I think this is something Baylor fans will want as a keepsake."

Pediment Publishing specializes in crafting books about sports championships, current events, natural disasters, police and fire department histories and more, usually working with a newspaper.

A top-selling sports book is titled "Believe It! Texas Rangers: 2010 American League Champions," a pictorial retrospective on the Rangers' championship season produced with the Dallas Morning News.

"Even before the football season ended, we were approached about collaborating on a book on Baylor's success. The university was approached, as well," Tribune-Herald editor and publisher Donnis Baggett said. "We decided jointly that we'd rather wait and do a book celebrating the success of all Baylor's teams.

"As it turned out, it was the perfect year to do that."

Joos said Pediment will use stories and photographs the Tribune-Herald provides and combine them with information the university will make available to create the finished product.

"This will be the best of the best, with a lot of beautiful color pictures and some behind-the-scenes photos of the Lady Bears at the Final Four and Robert Griffin at the Heisman ceremony or the bowl game," Joos said.

"It will encapsulate this entire remarkable year and we think it will be well-received."

Pediment spokesman Dave Hollingsworth said its books sell well in their communities of origin. He also expects Baylor alumni to get excited about "Baylor's Brilliant Year."

He said Pediment will market the book nationally via its website and will approach major booksellers with stores in Waco about carrying the title.

"You've got to be careful about where you put the book," he added with a laugh. "In Alabama, you're either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan, and we have published books on national championships won by both.

"We knew they would not sell well in either Tuscaloosa or Opelika," home to Alabama and Auburn, respectively.

Pediment Publishing, based in Battle Ground, Wash., was founded 16 years ago and has produced more than 500 titles. Its most successful book to date was published after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, becoming the most expensive and one of the five deadliest natural disasters in the nation's history, Hollingsworth said.

A top-selling sports book chronicled the career of Brett Favre and was published upon the quarterback's retirement from the Green Bay Packers after the 2007 season.

"We had that book out fairly quickly, and everybody in Wisconsin wanted one," Hollingsworth said. "When he later went on to play for the (Minnesota) Vikings, that obviously changed."

Hollingsworth said Baylor's season caught the nation's attention and he thinks the book will do well.

Baggett said readers who buy the book in advance will get a $10 pre-publication discount.

Once it is printed and delivered in August, the price will be $34.95, plus tax.

Orders can be sent to the Tribune-Herald , which has an order form in today's edition.

The book either can be picked up at the newspaper's office when it arrives, or shipped for an additional fee.

Pediment, Baylor and the Tribune-Herald will split the proceeds.