Baylor in the News Archives for July 2016

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Story Date
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Campus counseling gets an upgrade 7/29/2016
Houston Chronicle: FBISD graduates earn merit scholarships 7/29/2016
KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): At Baylor, High School Teachers Are Learning About Green Chemistry 7/29/2016
KWKT-TV (Waco, Killeen, Temple): Sleep exhibit demonstrates polysomnography 7/29/2016
Medical Express: Your diet plan isn't working? New research explains why 7/29/2016
San Francisco Chronicle: Applied Marketing Science Announces New Survey Research Expert Affiliate 7/29/2016
The Ballinger (TX) Ledger: Student with Ballenger ties to embark on World Race 7/29/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco ISD approves behavioral support partnership with Baylor 7/29/2016
1. KFBK-AM (Sacramento, CA): Happiness gap among parents 7/28/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: The vanishing conduit between artists and public 7/28/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Jody Moore’s tireless work earns him a shot at Olympics 7/28/2016
2. KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): For Parents Getting Birth Certificates, Texas (Quietly) OKs Mexican IDs Again 7/28/2016
2. Madison County (AL) Record: Horizon chooses Bunyard as top teacher 7/28/2016
2. Netscape “What’s New”: Why Your Diet Just Isn't Working 7/28/2016
Baylor Professor Helps Discover The Secrets Of The Philistines 7/28/2016
Values & Capitalism: Announcing: 2016-2016 Values & Capitalism Young Scholars 7/28/2016
Washington Post: Polls show evangelicals support Trump. But the term ‘evangelical’ has become meaningless 7/28/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: New Baylor program gives pre-K kids a jump on math 7/27/2016
2. State Bar of Texas: Local bar associations honored for pro bono work at Bar Leaders Conference 7/27/2016
3. Dallas Morning News: Sports Day: Sexual assault activist after visiting Baylor athletes: I see huge potential for change 7/27/2016
Fort Worth Business: Wilkins joins Cook Children’s as chief of staff 7/27/2016
Plan Ahead to Rise and Shine for School, Baylor University Sleep Expert Recommends 7/27/2016
Six Tips to Help Students Choose a Major 7/27/2016
Texas Standard: For Parents Getting Birth Certificates, Texas (Quietly) OKs Mexican IDs Again 7/27/2016
The Baptist Standard: Texas Baptist named national WMU ministry consultant for boys 7/27/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Roger Olson, guest columnist: Be wary of those hijacking ‘evangelicalism’ for pure political gain 7/27/2016
1. India West: Indian American Tennis Standout Among Baylor’s New Hall of Famers 7/26/2016
1. KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Professors Hope to Prove Health Benefits to Standing at Work 7/26/2016
1. No Kid Hungry: Youth Ambassador Spotlight: Sydney Brown 7/26/2016
1. The New York Times: Woman Shares Her Sexual Assault Story with Baylor Players 7/26/2016
2. Global News (Canada): Trying to lose weight? 10 tasty foods you’ll like and can eat guilt-free 7/26/2016
2. KXXV-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/ABC): Baylor University named 'Great College to Work For' 7/26/2016
2. Odessa American: Ex-judge man of many dimensions 7/26/2016
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents updated on Title IX progress, raise tuition rates 7/26/2016
Baptist Standard: Baylor nursing alumni help hospitalized children feel like superheroes 7/26/2016
1. Baptist Standard: Baylor regents approve joint degree from Truett Seminary and School of Education 7/25/2016
1. Netscape “What’s News”: Do THIS at Work. Reboot Your Energy 7/25/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Capturing the invisible: Journey to India focus of Art Center photo exhibit 7/25/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Heralded freshman Lauren Cox brings valuable experience on world stage to Lady Bears 7/25/2016
2. KWKT-TV (Waco/FOX): Baylor links religion and education programs 7/25/2016
2. New Orleans Times-Picayune: Shaw graduate Devanté Williams-Tross earns Eagle Scout award 7/25/2016
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s Lonardi wins Munson golf award 7/25/2016
Baylor University Named a ‘2016 Great College to Work For’ by The Chronicle of Higher Education 7/25/2016
Newsmax: 'Evangelical' Losing Meaning over Time 7/25/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Changing mindsets, outlooks amid uproar at Baylor: Q&A with BU regent chair Ron Murff, interim president David Garland 7/25/2016
1. Ennis Daily News: In remembrance of Dr. Glenn O. Hilburn 7/22/2016
2. Diplomatic Courier: Global Migration: Trends and Changes 7/22/2016
Baylor Alumnus Honored for Achievements in Church Music 7/22/2016
Baylor Regents Approve New Joint Seminary/Education Degree, Infrastructure Work on Seventh Street 7/22/2016
More Than 200 Teachers to Attend Baylor Summer Literacy Institute 7/22/2016
Portage (Wisconsin) Daily Register: From Pardeeville to Antarctica: Native remembers her roots 7/22/2016 Your diet plan isn’t working? New Baylor research explains why 7/22/2016
Yahoo! Finance: PowerVerde, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Randall Hinson as Director of Sales and Marketing 7/22/2016
Business Journal Daily: Strangpresse Partners with Baylor University for R&D 7/21/2016
DailyNews724: Rare mosaic depicting Noah's Ark discovered in ancient synagogue 7/21/2016
Easy Health Options: The best-kept secret of successful dieters 7/21/2016
Live Social Media Can Be a Positive - or a Peril - When It Comes to Sharing Tragedies and Hot-button Issues, Baylor Expert Says 7/21/2016
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Regional students among National Merit scholarship winners 7/21/2016 Meredith To Partner With Joanna And Chip Gaines On A Lifestyle Magazine Title Based On The Powerhouse Magnolia Brand 7/21/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Missoula good example of bringing art to public 7/21/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Filmmaker aims to tell stories of Waco in history film series 7/21/2016
DailyNews724: Rare mosaic depicting Noah's Ark discovered in ancient synagogue 7/20/2016 D. Gordon Bryant, Jr. Selected New Federal Magistrate for Lubbock Effective August 1 7/20/2016
KXXV-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/ABC): Baylor University to offer online mental health counseling as an option for students 7/20/2016
Lakeland (FL) Ledger: Monday Profile: Children's Homes leader always striving for more in Lakeland 7/20/2016
The Nation (Kenya): How to be a successful dieter 7/20/2016
The Pew Charitable Trusts: 3 Demographic Trends Changing Our World 7/20/2016
Three Tips to Stop Students’ ‘Summer Slide’ 7/20/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Filmmaker aims to tell stories of Waco in history film series 7/20/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Local students receive Waco Foundation scholarships to continue college 7/20/2016
1. Business Standard: Why your diet is not working explained 7/19/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: New Baylor AD Rhoades is no stranger to difficult situations 7/19/2016
1. Yahoo! Finance: Former East Texas Federal Judge T. John Ward Named Intellectual Property Icon 7/19/2016
2. Associated Press: New Baylor AD Rhoades sees opportunities, not challenges 7/19/2016
2. Dublin News (Ireland): Wrong food habit may damage diet plan 7/19/2016
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Former Lady Bear Sims named to USA Select team 7/19/2016
3. Medical Daily: Parents in the US Are Less Likely to Be Happy, Thanks to Lack of Support and Flexible Work Hours 7/19/2016
4. The Commerce Journal: U.S. parents suffer a happiness penalty 7/19/2016
Daily Shot: Wilkommen, Y’all: A History of Germans in Texas 7/19/2016
1. Associated Press: Black and a cop: Detective says 'We've all got work to do' 7/18/2016
1. Rare Noah’s Ark Mosaic Discovered at Ancient Israeli Synagogue 7/18/2016
1. WIA Report: Eight Women Faculty Members Taking on New Roles and Responsibilities 7/18/2016
2. Black Christian News: The Enduring Power of ‘We Shall Overcome’ 7/18/2016
2. Parent Herald: Weight Loss That Fail: Is Your Diet Not Working? You May Be Eating Food You Don't Enjoy 7/18/2016
2. Times Higher Education (UK): Beverly Griffin (1930-2016) 7/18/2016
3. KTRE-TV (Lufkin, Nacogdoches/ABC): Lufkin resident celebrates 90th birthday with Baylor reunion 7/18/2016
3. 3 Small Changes That Will Make American Parents Happier 7/18/2016
Baylor University Alumni Help Turn Hospitalized Children into Superheroes 7/18/2016
Copperas Cove Leader Press: Kayla Wilson Wins $40,000 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship 7/18/2016
McAllen Monitor: Educational summer meals program starts in San Benito 7/18/2016
1. KWKT-TV (Waco): West Nile Virus and Zika Virus in Central Texas 7/15/2016
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Local bank to give away $2,000 in vouchers for Waco Downtown Farmers Market 7/15/2016
Gun Control Can't Stop Such ‘Low-Tech Horror’ as Truck Attack in France, Says Baylor Terrorism Scholar 7/15/2016
Jewish Press: Baylor University Group Helps Unearth Ancient Mosaics, Coins, in Israeli Synagogue Ruins 7/15/2016
KWKT-TV (Waco): Baylor held prayer vigil Wednesday for healing of country 7/15/2016
New York Magazine: The Mistake That Makes Healthy Eating So Much Harder 7/15/2016
The American Conservative: Low-Tech Terror: What gun laws can't prevent 7/15/2016
The Wichita Eagle: Narnia, ‘Lord of the Rings’ to be theme of Inklings Festival 7/15/2016
Yahoo! News: Here`s why your diet plan isn't working 7/15/2016
1. Consumer Affairs: The reason why your diet may not be working out 7/14/2016
CBS News: Ancient Noah’s Ark mosaic discovered at historic site in Israel 7/14/2016
Deseret News: Mom and Dad want paid parental leave in the U.S. 7/14/2016
KXXV-TV: Lufkin resident celebrates 90th birthday with Baylor reunion 7/14/2016
The Dallas Morning News: Robert Darden: The Lasting Power of ‘We Shall Overcome’ 7/14/2016
The Pew Charitable Trusts Magazine: How Africa Is Changing Faith Around the World 7/14/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s Campus Kitchen stays active throughout summer 7/14/2016
Fox News: Rare mosaic depicting Noah’s Ark discovered in ancient synagogue 7/13/2016
International Business Times: Secret to losing weight? Don't replace foods you like with ones you don't 7/13/2016 Sadler looks to strengthen relationships through new Wayland post 7/13/2016
Nature World News: Diet Plan Not Working? Research Shows How to Make Your Health Plan a Success 7/13/2016
The Huffington Post: So What Can We Do? 7/13/2016 Leader of advocacy group vindicates man wrongly identified as Dallas ambush shooter 7/13/2016
Yahoo! News: Obama and Bush in Dallas: a bid for national unity 7/13/2016
Your Diet Plan Isn’t Working? New Baylor Research Explains Why 7/13/2016
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Many parents say kids make them happier, but here’s why they’re probably lying 7/12/2016
Killeen Daily Herald: Baylor students unearth mosaics in synagogue ruins 7/12/2016
KXXV-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/ABC): Leader of advocacy group vindicates man wrongly identified as Dallas ambush shooter 7/12/2016
McKinney Courier-Gazette: McKinney ISD Board Names New Officers 7/12/2016
WDAM-TV (Hattiesburg/Biloxi, MS): Leader of advocacy group vindicates man wrongly identified as Dallas ambush shooter 7/12/2016
Forbes: Online Learning Is Great, But Let’s Not Lose the Human Touch 7/11/2016
Institutional Investor: The 2016 U.S. Investor Roundtable: Meeting of the Minds 7/11/2016
One News Page: Waco Mammoth Nat. Monument Expands Research 7/11/2016
The Health Site: Lack of workplace packages makes parents in US not as happy as those without kids 7/11/2016
The Heartland Institute: New York State Lawmakers Approve Ban on Airbnb in Apartments 7/11/2016
Yahoo News: Rare Noah's Ark Mosaic Uncovered in Ancient Synagogue in Israel 7/11/2016
Baptist Standard: Baylor task force on spiritual life and character formation starts work 7/8/2016
Chicago Tribune: The biggest lie that American parents tell 7/8/2016
CSUS News Center: Can Wearable Fitness Trackers Lead to Corporate Gains? 7/8/2016
Longview News-Journal: Minister Returns to Serve at Mobberly-Marshall 7/8/2016
MSN: Does having children make you happier? Parents who say yes are probably lying 7/8/2016
The Mercury News: Saratoga: Local students are college grads, win special honors 7/8/2016 Baylor artists put images with songs for Black Gospel project 7/8/2016
Baylor University Mourns Passing of General Counsel Charles Beckenhauer 7/7/2016
Baylor’s Spiritual Life and Character Formation Task Force Begins Work 7/7/2016
Examiner: Houston Mayor Turner appoints interim housing director 7/7/2016
My SA: Meet Miss Texas 2016, who grew up in San Antonio, represented Plano in pageant 7/7/2016
The Baptist Standard: Visit with 3rd graders shows Texas Hunger Initiative impact 7/7/2016
The Washington Post: Many parents will say kids made them happier. They’re probably lying 7/7/2016
UPI: No kidding: Childless couples are happier 7/7/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Artwork pays tribute to Dallas’ music scene 7/7/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Countywide health survey: More people insured, but medical and mental problems remain 7/7/2016
African News Digest: Mayor Turner Appoints Interim Housing Director 7/6/2016
Baylor Historian to Discuss Global Trends at Panel Discussion in Washington, D.C., July 12 7/6/2016
Bible Society: Three cheers for missionaries 7/6/2016 Directors Announced for WaterTower Theatre’s 2016-17 Main Stage Season 7/6/2016
Engineering 360: Engineers' Allegiances to Organization and Profession Need Not Conflict, Study Finds 7/6/2016 Not Kidding: Childless Couples Happier 7/6/2016 New partnership proposed to help Waco Mammoth National Monument 7/6/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Our social group may determine taste in art 7/6/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Revolutionary reading: Book recommendations for Independence Day 7/5/2016
AftermarketNews: Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Names Kellye Settles to Position of Headquarters Relationship Manager 7/5/2016
Archaeological Institute of America Website: AIA Members Speak in Favor of Continued Protection of Artifacts from Bolivia and Greece 7/5/2016
Baylor Professor Helps Uncover Mosaics in Ancient Synagogue in Israel 7/5/2016
Biz Ed: Unethical Workers Accepted—If They're Productive 7/5/2016
KWTX-TV (Waco, Killeen, Temple/CBS: Baylor's Caroline Carothers is Miss Texas 2016 7/5/2016
UPI: No kidding: Childless couples are happier 7/5/2016
1. Daily Mail (United Kingdom): American parents have the largest 'happiness gap' between them and childless people than 22 other countries 7/1/2016
1. The Baptist Standard: Baylor interim president cites continued improvements 7/1/2016
1. Toronto Sun: Bound for University: Tips to help deal with the transition from high school to higher education 7/1/2016
2. The Baptist Standard: Research shows U.S. parents less happy than childless people 7/1/2016
3. WVTM-TV (Birmingham, AL/NBC): Addicted to your phone? Not really! 7/1/2016
San Juan Island (Washington) Update: Community Foundation Awards Scholarships 7/1/2016
The Huffington Post: What the Rapid Growth of Computer Science Means for the Future 7/1/2016

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