Baylor in the News Archives for June 2016

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Story Date
1. Outstanding Achievements Recognized At ASHRAE’s Annual Conference 6/30/2016
1. Temple Daily Telegram: Battershell named Region 12 Superintendent of the Year 6/30/2016
1. Working Mother: U.S. Parents Far Unhappier than People Without Kids—and Here's Why 6/30/2016
2. CBS News: Why parents in the U.S. have the biggest "happiness gap" 6/30/2016
2. KOSA-TV (Odessa/CBS): Researcher: Zika Mosquitoes ‘Bite at All Times of the Day’ 6/30/2016
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: 2 Baylor greats on Texas Sports Hall of Fame ballot 6/30/2016
3. KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): More Working Families Live in Poverty 6/30/2016
4. KWKT-TV (Waco/FOX): Baylor addresses under-employed Central Texans 6/30/2016
Around the State: Baylor The Baptist Standard: Campus Kitchen awarded 6/30/2016
Patch (Tredyffrin-Easttown, PA): 3rd Annual Performance Arts Summer Camp at Tredyffrin Public Library 6/30/2016
Think You Know The American Revolution? Read These Five Books This Fourth of July, Professor Says 6/30/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Agencies, nonprofits, TXU devoted to keeping summer heat bearable 6/30/2016
Bulldog Reporter: Lewis Public Relations Hires Ashton Brown as Associate, Promotes Shelby Tidwell to Senior Associate 6/29/2016
HealthDay: No Kidding: Childless Couples Happier 6/29/2016
Outlook Series: Baylor's Sara Perry Identifies Keys to Managing Innovators 6/29/2016 Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds 6/29/2016
The American Conservative: Is Brexit National Suicide? 6/29/2016
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Externship exposes students to science and medicine 6/29/2016
1. Parent Herald: 4 Cities in Texas Included in Hot Spots for Zika Virus, State Says They are Ready but Funding Would Help 6/28/2016
1. The Baptist Standard: René Maciel: A soldier, teacher, pastor, dad 6/28/2016
2. CBS-DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth): Newsradio 1080 KRLD Names Melissa Harrison Morning News Co-Anchor 6/28/2016
Bay Area (TX) Citizen: Clear Lake UMC announces the appointment of Rev. Charles W. Anderson as Senior Pastor 6/28/2016
Phys.Org: New Baylor research identifies keys to managing innovators 6/28/2016 (New Providence, NJ): Lantern Hill Hires Hospitality Team 6/28/2016
The Dallas Morning News: Texas 'ready as possible' for Zika, but funding would help 6/28/2016
The Huffington Post: Why Parents In The U.S. Have The Biggest ‘Happiness Gap’ 6/28/2016
The Presbyterian Outlook: A new reformation is under way: Philip Jenkins addresses mid council leaders at General Assembly 6/28/2016
1. Business Standard: US Diplomat’s Wife Wowing Audience with Rabindrasangeet 6/27/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Storytelling Bring Historical Facts to Life 6/27/2016
2. Extra Credit Newsletter (American Institute of CPAs): 4 Tech Tools for the Accounting Classroom 6/27/2016
2. Laboratory Equipment: Study Identifies Keys to Managing Innovators 6/27/2016
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco Singer Holly Tucker Shows ‘Steel’ in Album Release 6/27/2016
3. KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): Central Texas Leadership Series: Eric Shephard 6/27/2016
3. Yahoo! News: Parents in US not as happy as those without kids 6/27/2016
Baylor Campus Kitchen Honored with National “Going Beyond the Meal” Award 6/27/2016
East Bay Times (Walnut Creek, California): Valley Stars: California High senior wins fashion design award 6/27/2016
TWC News (Austin): A National Park of Mammoth Proportions 6/27/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Lack of transportation, information hold back free summer meal programs, research confirms 6/27/2016
1. Focus Daily News (Dallas, Texas): Experts examine West Nile vs Zika Virus carriers 6/24/2016
1. The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City): American parents have biggest happiness gap of 22 countries, but employers could change that 6/24/2016
HealthZette: Snubbed by a Smartphone 6/24/2016
Science Codex: New Baylor research identifies keys to managing innovators 6/24/2016
Upworthy: How your phone's camera could help detect a rare cancer in kids 6/24/2016
USA TODAY: 3 Social Security scenarios show vastly different results 6/24/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s Prince drafted by NBA’s Atlanta Hawks 6/24/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s Wil London to run in Olympic Trials 6/24/2016
Infection Control Today: Baylor Biologist Shares Update on Zika Tracking Efforts, Prevention Tips 6/23/2016
KNVN-TV (Chico, CA/NBC): Study shows amount of time on cell phone affects behavior 6/23/2016
Palestine Herald-Press: Palestine High School Graduate Wins Big 6/23/2016
Science Codex: Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds 6/23/2016
ScienMag: New Baylor research identifies keys to managing innovators 6/23/2016
The Christian Century: Heritage or hate? 6/23/2016
United States Parents Not as Happy as Those without Children, Baylor University Researcher Says 6/23/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s ‘Pavilion’ Ignites Painful Memories at High School Reunion 6/23/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Odyssey Sims glad to be back in hometown, adjusting well in WNBA 6/23/2016 3D Printed, Livable Tiny House Built in Only 24 Hours by the Vesta V2 Concrete Printer 6/22/2016
Baylor University Opens Campus for Summer Programs 6/22/2016
East Bay Times: Valley Stars: California High Senior Wins Fashion Design Award 6/22/2016
Oklahoma’s Nursing Times: OMRF Welcomes 2016 Class of Fleming Scholars 6/22/2016
Patheos: Summer Reading List of American Protestant History 6/22/2016
Science Daily: Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds 6/22/2016
Science NewsLine: New Baylor research identifies keys to managing innovators 6/22/2016
Texas Co-op Power: Savvy Settlers: Germans imported their furniture-making mastery to the Texas frontier 6/22/2016
The Boston Globe: What is making American parents so unhappy? 6/22/2016
Zika Mosquitoes Differ From West Nile Mosquitoes, ‘Bite At All Times Of The Day,’ National Expert Says 6/22/2016
1. MSN: The Story of the Arctic Is Written in Whale Earwax 6/21/2016
1. The Huffington Post: The Secret Communion of The Man In The Moon 6/21/2016
2. Learning and Development: How to effectively manage innovators 6/21/2016
3. Medical Express: Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds 6/21/2016
4. Reno (Nevada) Gazette Journal: Faith Forum: Is it OK to pick and choose religious beliefs? 6/21/2016
Baptist News Global: Direct ministry, legislatures best tools in anti-hunger fight, advocates say 6/21/2016
PCUSA (Presbyterian News Service): Foundation Breakfast Speaker Philip Jenkins Tells Mid-Council Leaders to Expect a World of Changes 6/21/2016
The Cross Timbers Gazette (Denton County, Texas): Hospital volunteers honored 6/21/2016
Yale Daily News: Renita Miller named new Berkeley College dean 6/21/2016
Zika Mosquitoes Differ From West Nile Mosquitoes, ‘Bite At All Times Of The Day,’ National Expert Says 6/21/2016
1. KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): When It Comes to Learning, Don't Let Your Kids Suffer from the "Summer Slide" 6/20/2016
1. Texas Public Radio: Summer Meals Are Free But Many Kids Can't Get To The Sites 6/20/2016
2. The Atlantic: The Rise of the Free Team T-Shirt 6/20/2016
2. WCMH-TV (Columbus, OH/NBC): Think you’re addicted to your phone? Psychologists say you’re not 6/20/2016
3. ScienceNewsline: Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds 6/20/2016
Denver Post: 2016 Rotary Scholarship Winners 6/20/2016
Divisional Dean Robyn Driskell Named Executive Director and President’s Chief of Staff 6/20/2016
New Baylor Research Identifies Keys to Managing Innovators 6/20/2016
Newsweek: The Story of the Arctic Is Written In Whale Earwax 6/20/2016
The Issaquah (WA) Press: Baylor Graduate from Issaquah Wins Fulbright Grant to Turkey 6/20/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Kathy Krey, guest columnist: Visit to local 3rd-graders shows impact of Baylor-based Texas Hunger Initiative 6/20/2016
CityLab: Where Travel is a Barrier, Food Trucks Roll in to Feed Kids 6/17/2016 Baylor University Nursing Professor Tanya Sudia Wins International Award for Presentation on Global Health Challenges in Nursing 6/17/2016
KSNV-TV (Las Vegas, NV/NBC): Addicted to your phone? Researchers say not so fast 6/17/2016
KXXV-TV: Waco man finalist for “Dad of the Year” 6/17/2016
The Missoulian (Montana): Loyola Sacred Heart High School Top Seniors 6/17/2016
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Alzheimer's Alliance of Smith County announces new executive director 6/17/2016
Victoria (Texas) Advocate: Faith Academy valedictorian enjoys serving community 6/17/2016
1. Alabama gains 98 more National Merit Scholarship winners 6/16/2016
1. Virtual-Strategy Magazine: January Pfiester Joins the Bit-Wizards Team as Senior Solution Consultant 6/16/2016
1. WRAL-TV (Raleigh/Durham, N.C.): Phone Addiction 6/16/2016
2. Eastex Advocate: Coldspring student receives second of SJC Chamber scholarships 6/16/2016
2. There's a "Fixer Upper" Spin-Off Coming to DIY Network 6/16/2016
2. KWBU-FM: Free Lunch But No Ride: How Limited Transportation Leaves Hungry Kids Stranded 6/16/2016
3. Science Newsline: Faith And Facebook: Young Social Media Regulars Less Committed to One Religion 6/16/2016
Baylor Graduate Wins Fulbright Grant to Turkey 6/16/2016
The Steve Harvey Show: Dad of the Year Recap 6/16/2016
Country Living: Clint Harp is Getting His Own Show – Here’s Why You Need to Watch It 6/15/2016
Denver Post: Gregston named Ponderosa Student of the Month 6/15/2016
Houston Newcomer Guides: Cypress Christian School Summer News 6/15/2016
KWTX-TV: Jump in hot car deaths reported; are smart phones to blame? 6/15/2016
PolitiFact (Tampa Bay Times project): Obama vs. Trump on the phrase ‘radical Islam’ 6/15/2016
Texas Standard (NPR): Free Lunch But No Ride: How Limited Transportation Leaves Hungry Kids Stranded 6/15/2016
The Baptist Standard: Young social media users less committed to single religion, research shows 6/15/2016
WTVY-TV (Dothan, Alabama): Study About Cell Phone Addiction 6/15/2016
1. Amarillo Globe-News: Country Church kicks off free meals for kids 6/14/2016
1. Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon): SOU names Linda Schott as its new president 6/14/2016
1. The Baptist Standard: Lack of transportation hinders summer meal program 6/14/2016
2. Dayton (Texas) News: Dayton native shares new film with historians 6/14/2016
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: 63 in state earn National Merit honors 6/14/2016
The Gospel Coalition: Introducing the New Evangelical History Blog with Thomas Kidd 6/14/2016
The Steve Harvey Show: Steve Crowns The “Dad Of The Year” For Father’s Day 6/14/2016
Urban Christian News: Study: Young Social Media Users More Likely to Customize Faith Regardless of Religious Tradition 6/14/2016
1. Stone Hearth Newsletters: Lack of Transportation Hampers Hungry Children From Receiving Free Summer Meals, Baylor Study Finds 6/13/2016
2. (Dover, New Hampshire): PCA grads urged to serve others 6/13/2016
2. Reader’s Digest: 8 Home Remedies for Hot Flashes That Really Work (And 4 That Really Don’t) 6/13/2016
2. Scottsdale (Arizona) Independent: National Merit College Scholar winners are announced 6/13/2016
3. AFRO: Diversity Remains Elusive in U.S. Churches 6/13/2016
Baylor University Professor Wins International Award for Presentation 6/13/2016
The Baptist Standard: Baylor a ‘flawed family’ but still a family, interim president says 6/13/2016
The Marshall News Messenger: Marshall names new director of tourism, economic development 6/13/2016
The Wall Street Journal: Spend Down or Gift Retirement Accounts? Here’s Some Math 6/13/2016
Word & Way (Missouri Baptists): Speaking out for the hungry in the halls of power 6/13/2016
Aero News Network: First Flight: Mooney Ovation Ultra 6/10/2016
Baylor University Names Task Forces to Act Upon 105 Recommendations and Implement Improvements to Address Sexual Violence Prevention and Response 6/10/2016
China Daily Asia: Hooked on Handsets 6/10/2016
Community Impact (Austin): Ride On Center conducts therapeutic riding research with universities 6/10/2016
Irish Times: Wake-up Call: Why unethical high performers are not shunned by peers 6/10/2016
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Dozens of St. Louis regional high school students awarded National Merit scholarships 6/10/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Mosquito population booming as Zika threat continues 6/10/2016
1. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Top high school grads announce college plans 6/8/2016
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Q&A with Baylor interim President David Garland 6/8/2016
1. Western New York Family Magazine: A Dad's Deep Influence 6/8/2016
2. Deseret (Utah) News: The promise of social media for religious communities 6/8/2016
2. Inside Higher Ed: Baylor's Plan to Regain Trust 6/8/2016
2. Marshall (TX) News Messenger: Marshall High val, sal enjoy luncheon with family and friends 6/8/2016
3. Faulkner County high school seniors named National Merit Finalists 6/8/2016
3. Harvard Business Review: We Don’t Shun Unethical Coworkers If They’re High Performers 6/8/2016
3. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Baylor’s New Provost Seeks to Foster a ‘Morally Significant’ Culture 6/8/2016
Baylor University Researcher Studies Transportation of Oil Pollutants Along Gulf Coast 6/8/2016
Dr. Johnny Henderson Honored as Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year 6/8/2016
Mother Nature and the Spiritual Side: Do Lovely Weather and Scenery Matter? 6/8/2016
The Indy (Laguna Beach, California): In Mock Trial, Fiction Comes to Life 6/8/2016
University Scholar Wins Boren Scholarship to Tanzania 6/8/2016
Waco Tribune-Herald: Oh My Juice squeezes juicing into downtown Waco 6/8/2016

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